Landscape Charter inspires a new Scholarship in Alberta +


October e-Bulletin: 1/ Announcing a new scholarship in the name of the Canadian Landscape Charter 2/ Ms. Thu Ngo receives Inaugural LACF/ University of Calgary MLA scholarship 3/ One month remaining until deadline for submitting your grant proposal 4/ Board Briefs.                   

Photo Caption: Top L to R, Tisha Croome, Equiparc, Cathy Sears, LACF Scholarship Champion for UofC and representing EXP, Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler, SAPL and Matt Williams, AALA President Location: U of C SAPL City Building Design Lab Photo: J. Landry

1/ LACF, U of Cal and CSLA announce a new Scholarship in the name of the Canadian Landscape Charter. 

On Saturday, October 5th, the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) announced a new scholarship for Masters students of landscape architecture at the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL): the Canadian Landscape Charter I University of Calgary I LACF Scholarship.  This scholarship of $3 000 annually will recognize a landscape architecture student at the University of Calgary whose work exemplifies the Charter principles and who will carry the spirit of the Charter forward into their future practice of landscape architecture.

The announcement followed a presentation about the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ (CSLA) Canadian Landscape Charter as part of a cross-Canada tour to raise awareness for the Charter. The Charter is the profession’s declaration to recognize, manage, protect and celebrate Canada’s landscapes.

According to Vincent Asselin, LACF President: 

“This scholarship will ensure that the Canadian Landscape Charter continues to inspire excellence and leadership in the landscape architecture profession”.

Honourary CSLA Member Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler, Professor and Interim Associate Dean (Planning + Landscape Architecture) at the SAPL initiated the scholarship in collaboration with the LACF, and the CSLA. Dr. Tyler and EXP’s Calgary-based office jointly pledged $25 000 to the Canadian Landscape Charter | University of Calgary | LACF Scholarship endowment fund over the next 5 years. The pledge therefore brings together the professional and academic landscape architecture communities. Cathy Sears, LACF board member and scholarship champion for University of Calgary, indicated that future fundraising efforts will aim to fully endow the fund to be self-sustaining. The scholarship will be awarded in 2020.

Read more news below or download the official joint press release here

(Photo: Thu Ngo)2/ Ms. Thu Ngo receives Inaugural LACF/ University of Calgary MLA scholarship

2/ Inaugural LACF / University of Calgary MLA Scholarship awarded to Thu Ngo, MLA’21

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) is pleased to recognize Ms. Thu Ngo, MLA ’21, as the recipient of the Inaugural LACF / University of Calgary MLA Scholarship. The award was presented at the AALA AGM held in Calgary on October 5th. This scholarship can be attributed to LACF efforts over the last 4 years to ensure that each accredited Landscape Architecture program in Canada has a dedicated scholarship in place. In 2018.  The University of Calgary MLA program was CSLA accredited in 2018.

MLA program faculty members unanimously nominated Ms. Thu Ngo as the candidate that best exemplifies the objectives of the scholarship: “excellence in both design creativity and academic performance.” Ms. Thu Ngo is described as an excellent student who earned the highest grade-point average in the U of C MLA degree Program.  Her studio work consistently demonstrates thoughtful, creative, and original design thinking and her ability to represent her innovative solutions to studio problem-solving and form creation is of consistently high quality in multiple mediums. 

When asked what receiving the award means to her, Ms. Thu Ngo replied:

“Being the 2019 LACF University of Calgary Scholarship recipient motivates me to see Alberta as the starting point of my career journey... on the way to success and (in) pursuit of my passion.”

Congratulations Thu Ngo!
Find out more about the Landscape Architecture MLA program 

3/ Reminder _ Annual Grants Call for proposals

Professionals and students still have one month left to submit research and communication proposals for funding from the Annual Grants Program 2020. Deadline is November 15th 2019.
Everything you need to know about submitting a proposal can be found in the GRANTS Policy and Application Procedures Manual 2020. This year, LACF will award over $30,000 in Grants to projects that push beyond the boundaries of everyday practice.  Be in action for positive change. 

4/ Board Briefs


1. Bob Somers / 2. Cecelia Paine _ Changing Chairs

  • Bob Somers, FCSLA, MALA has been named LACF Nominating Committee Chair and replaces Cecilia Paine, FCSLA, OALA at the helm of this important standing committee.  Congratulations Bob and thank you Cecelia! 
  • The Board has approved a special project grant of $10,000 to Dr. Alan Tate for the preparation and publication of Landmarks in Landscape Architecture. This project was previously awarded a grant of $5,000 in 2019.
  • Two new National Scholarships are scheduled for 2020 including the LACF-FAPC Frederick Gage Todd National and the National Indigenous Scholarship. Updates to follow. 
  • LACF publishes a short prologue article about LACF and indigenous research in the amazing Reconciliation issue of Landscapes | Paysages > LACF Research - Honouring Indigenous Cultures and Traditions  
  • Join LACF-FAPC on Linkedin and Instagram.