LACF Scholarships in Saskatchewan

There are currently no schools of Landscape Architecture in Saskatchewan.  Students who are residents of Saskatchewan are invited to apply for scholarships to study outside the province through the Saskatechewan Association of Landscape Architects (SALA) 

Travelling through_ SALA CLP-PPC_ image: W. Graham 

SALA Academic Award 

Context and Description 

The SALA Academic Award was established in 1986 by the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects (SALA). The $3,000 award is intended to encourage and help fund the education of Saskatchewan students who must leave the province to obtain a professional degree in landscape architecture. 

Information on criteria and how to apply may be found at:

Criteria and Award Process

* Students must apply for this grant. 

The annual deadline for application is September 30th. 

SALA manages the student selection and nomination process. The nomination is reviewed and approved by the LACF Board. 


LACF is grateful to SALA members, affiliates and friends who envisioned, established and nurtured the idea of creating a scholarship to encourage Saskatchewan students to pursue an education in landscape architecture.