Special Project Grants Application Guidelines


Special Project Grant proposals are intended to support projects which are exceptional, of major significance to the profession and fall outside the eligibility criteria and objectives of the Annual Grants Program.

Examples of Special Project Grants include (to date):
●    Landscapes|Paysages Magazine
●    History of Landscape Architecture in Canada, by Ron Williams
●    Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture in Canada, by James R.Taylor
●    Design of the Medals for the College of Fellows
●    Oral History Project, two volumes based on interviews with founding members of the profession, by Linda M. LeGeyt 
●    Funding for Pierre Belanger to exhibit at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016


An annual budget for Special Project Grants has been allocated by the LACF.  The approval of a Special Project Grant may be conditional on targeted fundraising by either LACF or the applicant. Special Project Grants are not necessarily given out annually.


Whereas annual grants are solicited for review on an annual cycle, Special Project Grants are unsolicited and can be accepted at anytime. 

Applications for Special Project Grants must include the following:
●    Project description, include timelines and participants
●    Statement on how the project meets the Special Project Grants assessment criteria (see below)
●    Project budget
●    Letters of support (same as annual grant criteria)
●    Resume of major proponent (same as annual grant)
●    Communications Plan , including  how the results will be widely distributed.

Download the application form


Assessment Criteria
All Special Project Grant proposals will be adjudicated using the annual grants criteria. 

Criteria for consideration of approval:  
●    Aligns with goals and objectives of LACF 
●    Reflects the principles of the Canadian Landscape Charter (CLC) 
●    National significance
●    Project communication and impact must carry on for several years  
●    Contributes to the understanding of the profession of landscape architecture.

Proposals are reviewed by the LACF Board upon a positive recommendation by the Grants Committee.