2022 LACF Scholars

Regional Scholarship Recipients

Chloé Henri: Bourse d’études de voyage Danièle Routaboule

With a bachelor's degree in environmental design and soon to complete her master's degree in landscape architecture, Chloé Henri explores the relationship between humans and their environment through the multiple scales of design. Her background in visual arts and her experiences working abroad guide a holistic conceptual process with an aesthetic concern. Her interest in Indigenous issues has led her to undertake university training on the subject and to participate in an anthropological study within a community. She is particularly interested in landscapes as a vehicle for self-determination and political leverage. In this way, she directs her practice towards tactical urbanism using design as a tool towards inclusiveness, environmental awareness and heritage conservation. She has worked with several social and solidarity organizations that address urban resilience through transitional architecture, urban agriculture, pollinator conservation through honeycombing, heat island mitigation and community landscape enhancement. Chloé is preparing her end-of-study project, which she will carry out in partnership with the Atikamekw community of Manawan. Faced with the multiple issues that reside on the reserve, the project intends to call upon the members of the community to deploy a participatory design that will use the landscape in response to a targeted problem. The goal is to bring local initiatives to the forefront and highlight the intrinsic qualities of the territory to the outside world. This initiative is the beginning of a professional approach that focuses on empowering planners through reconciliation.

Madiha Mehdi: Canadian Landscape Charter, University of Calgary, LACF Scholarship

Madiha is a second year Master of Landscape Architecture student at SAPL, with an Undergraduate degree in architecture from India. She is also a research assistant at Center for Civilization, University of Calgary. Before commencing her graduate degree, she worked at an architectural design firm for two years, but her love for nature and desire to give back to the community led her to join a non-profit organization that assists marginalized farmers and practices afforestation across India. Her desire to learn more about outdoor spaces encouraged her to pursue an MLA degree. She is highly interested in exploring how spaces can be made more inclusive and diverse, and research placemaking in urban areas with a focus on underrepresented communities. She is grateful for the scholarship, which encourages her to work hard and make an impact beyond herself by way of landscape design through her career and efforts.