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Three selected outstanding initiatives communicate important ideals underlying the profession of landscape architecture today.   

#1. EXTRACTION | 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Pierre Bélanger and team

In 2015, LACF supported a multi-media exhibit called EXTRACTION that had been chosen to represent Canada at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.  The project featured an installation in situ and the production of a film and book addressing the ecologies and territories of resource extraction. This unique project explores the architectures, histories and economies of Canada’s culture of resource extraction and profiles the rise of a “global resource empire” in Canada. Through the lens of the territorial infrastructures and political ecologies of resource urbanism, EXTRACTION engages contemporary and historic media across a range of cultural, spatial and industrial views. It brings together perspectives from business, history, art, activism and elsewhere, to radically rethink Canada’s global position, as home to 75% of our planet’s prospecting and mining companies. 

Learn more: Extraction website 

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#2. Symposium on landscape conservation : Principles to projects

Nicole Valois, Nicholas Roquet and Christina Cameron, 2016

Garden of the provinces c. 1967 / image: Collection of John Zvonar

A symposium on landscape conservation organized at the Université de Montréal brought together experts from across Canada in the field of planning and long-term management of heritage landscapes.  Seasoned practitioners, managers and academics shared their knowledge and practice during this one- day event in front of an audience of experts and students.  The goal to foster closer relations in this field, and to stimulate reflection on the challenges of intervening on heritage landscapes was achieved. The symposium was held in October 2016, and complete video presentations can be viewed at:

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#3. Memoirs of pioneer landscape architects in Canada 

Isabelle Giasson, Fanie St-Michel, Steven Turcotte

LA Pioneers: Benoit Bégin, Edwin Skapsts, Danièle Routaboule Friedrich Oemichan, Walter Kehm, Robert Allsopp, Jim Taylor, Cecelia Paine

This two-part project started in 2016 by filming a series of interviews with four founding members of the Association des architectes-paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ) including Danièle Routaboule, Benoit Bégin, Edwin Skapsts, Friedrich Oehimichen and Donald Graham.  The documentary series was expanded in 2017 to include other pioneers of the profession in Canada including Walter Kehm, Robert Allsopp, James Taylor and Cecelia Paine.  These video productions include historic images and relate the tender and sensitive stories of landscape architects, their rich heritage, experiences, inherent playfulness and creative drive.  They are of interest to current and future members of the profession as well as to the general public. 

You can view the videos here: Memoirs of Canadian Landscape Architect Pioneers 

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