A Growing Scholarship Program

LACF is the leading source of scholarships for landscape architecture students in Canada. With two new National Scholarships in the making and a total of 15 regional scholarships awarded annually, our two-tiered scholarship program is growing strong.

LACF scholarships recognize superior academic performance, promote leadership, and encourage original and creative design work and research. These scholarships support students with financial awards so that they can focus on developing their unique potential and skills. Financial support helps lighten the load for students and is essential to attract the brightest and best to our Canadian LA programs. Our students are our future. 

> LACF-FAPC National Scholarships

Two new National Scholarships are in the making with both inaugural awards scheduled for for 2020.  

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> LACF-FAPC Regional Scholarships 

LACF has established a growing number of regional scholarships (15)  in partnership with CSLA component associations, universities, and other interested parties. LACF has acheived and surpassed its goal of establishing a dedicated scholarship for each accredited LA program in Canada thanks to our dedicated scholarship champions and partners.   

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> Meet our LACF-FAPC Scholars 

LACF awards an increasing number of scholarships to students across the country every year. We want you to get to know our LACF scholars and learn about their stories and aspirations  because we recognize that these students are our future leaders, 



 LACF Scholars   > 2018 Award Recipients

LACF Scholarship Committee

Cecelia Paine, FCSLA, OALA chairs the Scholarship Committee.  For further information about this program or to discuss the opportunities of becoming a sponsor please contact Cecelia Paine  


LACF is grateful for the generosity of our many LACF-FAPC champions and partners who are leading fundraising efforts to establish and grow our scholarship program for students in accredited Canadian LA schools and programs.  We thank the many individuals, groups and organisations who provide financial support towards helping today’s talent become tomorrow’s great practitioners and thinkers.

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