Donald Graham Communication Grant

Painting of the Quebec Laurentians by a young Donald Graham

Part of the magic of landscape relates to the way landscape architects can make sense of the disparate parts, bring them together through the design process and then communicate the results to othersDonald Graham

Excellence in Communication


The proposal to create the Donald Graham Communication Grant, under the auspices of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF), was initiated by the Graham family in November 2017 to commemorate Donald's life and legacy. Don was a well known and respected pioneer landscape architect in Canada who believed that promoting and advancing the core values of the profession was paramount to making the world a better place. Beyond his many years advocating for the profession through the CSLA, he was also a key figure in establishing LACF during the 1980s and one of the founding members of the AAPQ. His bequest to the Foundation of $10 000 was matched by the Graham family to carry his legacy forward. The inaugural award was made in 2019. 


Through excellence in communication, this grant aims to further the understanding and importance of the core values of the profession of landscape architecture.


The Donald Graham Communication Grant is awarded to communication projects across diverse media and means including publications, videos, websites, multimedia events, conferences, community development initiatives, public participation, events, exhibitions, conferences, etc. Excellence in communication is the primary criteria. 

Projects should also meet at least one of the following criteria :

  • Demonstrate clarity, creativity and innovation; 
  • Be widely accessible, pertinent and timely;
  • Make a difference to target audiences.

Special preference is to be given to applications that propose projects that will be implemented in the short term.  This does not however exclude providing funding for long-term projects in early planning stages provided interim results are communicated to target groups.


The Donald Graham Communication Grant is open to landscape architects, allied professionals, community-driven initiatives and landscape architecture students. LACF Grants Committee invite applications to this fund through the Research Grants program. Applicants are invited to specify they are seeking funding from this grant. The jury will review all applications for conformity, identify specific projects that meet the criteria for the Donald Graham Communication Grant and determine an award recipient.  

Award Amount

The amount awarded is currently $1,000 annually. 

Who was Donald Graham?

Donald Walter Graham OALA, AAPQ, FCSLA, ASLA was a pioneer landscape architect in Canada. After graduating from the Harvard School of Design in the late 1950s, he founded the firm of D.W. Graham and Associates, Landscape Architects, in Ottawa and for over 40 years, planned and designed responsible green spaces for urban and regional landscapes, locally and internationally. Not only was he a relentless communicator, he was a mentor and teacher to many and left a lasting impression both on the land and the people he worked with. He passed away in November 2017.  Donald remains an honoured member of the Frances Blue Legacy Circle. 

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Supporters of the Donald Graham Communication Grant share a passion for communication and landscape architecture. LACF is grateful for their generous support.  

  • Donald Graham, Member of Frances Blue Legacy Circle 
  • Marguerite Graham, Donald's wife, for her significant donation in his memory
  • Friends, colleagues and family of Don Graham in memoriam
  • Victor Stanley Site furniture for their generous donation to this fund.