Widely Communicating our Results 

Landscape architects concur that awareness and understanding of the profession of landscape architecture by the general public and other design professionals is an ongoing challenge. To meet this challenge, LACF invests in communication efforts that advance and promote a better understanding of the fundamental values of the profession of landscape architecture.  

LACF invests in communication initiatives through its Annual Grants Program and special project grants (funding requests submitted outside the grants program). LACF supports projects that focus on the values that inspire landscape architects and professionals to do what they do, as designers, policymakers, educators, practitioners, activists and ultimately, stewards of the land.  

Over the last 30 years, LACF has provided seed-funding to communication initiatives that build and share knowledge about the world around us including;

These examples are indicative of the many funded projects that inform and challenge the way we see. LACF is proud to showcase these diverse and enriching communication projects.  

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Experimenting Landscape: Testing the Limits of the Garden / Publication / Portfolio Archives #125


Supporters who contribute to the LACF General Fund provide critical financial support for LACF communication initiatives. LACF is particularly grateful to our communication partners, notably CSLA and component associations, for their in-kind and immeasurable promotional support. LACF also recognizes the valuable collaboration of Luna Design and Maglin Site Furniture on our recent website refresh.  A special acknowledgement extends to LAF, our sister Foundation in the United States, for the inspiring work they communicate!  

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