LACF Statement on Racial Inequality and Injustice

We affirm that Black Lives Matter.

LACF condemns racism, bigotry and oppression in all its forms. We encourage our members and donors to contribute in any way they can to eradicate systemic racism.

LACF believes in the power of landscapes to transform our common future. We assert that design must not ignore the principles which can bring harm to racialized people in Canada. As a signatory of the Canadian Landscape Charter, LACF firmly stands with its core value of “considering all people”. We reaffirm our commitment to equality and stand by the principles of the Canadian Landscape Charter.

LACF invests in research, communication and scholarship that advances our collective capacity to shape resilient, equitable and meaningful landscapes for all. We pledge to ensure diversity and equity are represented in our profession and in the foundation. We pledge to do all we can to dismantle systemic racism. We pledge that we shall not be silent. 

LACF recognizes that more than words are needed to make change. Through its grants, scholarships, communications and governance, LACF will work toward breaking down the barriers and act to unravel injustice. We commit to working on those actions as a foundation and with our partners to ensure the profession is inclusive, right the historic wrongs and place the profession as part of the solution, not the problem. LACF will address this issue in its upcoming Strategic Plan, work with partners, review policies, grants and scholarships and make changes that count.

Racism, injustice and intolerance must come to an end. We commit to taking strategic actions, to making diversity and equity central to our core activities and to evaluate our progress to making change. 

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