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Climate change, accelerated resource consumption, urban densification and rural development regardless of existing natural and cultural systems, are important issues at the forefront of our time. It's clear that human actions have had considerable influence on our environment and now, as humans, we need to redefine our relationship with our surroundings as well as with each other. Landscape architects have an essential role to play in this important work. 

Landscape architects and allied professionals, work to accommodate both the needs of human society and the natural environment, respecting the cultural landscapes of the past, and planning sustainably for the future. As CSLA proclaims in their advocacy stance, ‘Landscape architects are uniquely positioned to address the complex environmental, social, and economic challenges we face today.’ Through research, communication and scholarship, LACF supports building knowledge that will empower professionals moving forward. 

Making the world a better place

For over 30 years, LACF has provided resources to support and assist landscape architects and others to use their unique skills to make our world a better place. Your contribution provides critical financial support for LACF programs and initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for all. The impact of your investment in LACF is far-reaching. 

With your support, LACF:

  • Invests up to $50,000 annually in grants and special projects for research and communication initiatives that promote and advance the values of the profession of landscape architecture; 
  • Communicates the results of our professional and scholarly work widely,
  • Awards over $15,000 annually in scholarships to LA students in accredited programs across Canada because these exceptional people will be the future leaders in the profession and beyond.

LACF is grateful for the critical financial support it receives towards promoting and advancing the core values of the profession of landscape architecture. The time to give for change is now. Thank you!

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