Atlantic Provinces

Three scholarship awards are available for the Atlantic region:

  1. Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship
  2. Atlantic Landscape / Dalhousie Scholarship
  3. Maglin-LACF Scholarship

Scholarships in the Atlantic Region

Dalhousie University in Truro, Nova Scotia is currently offering a Bachelor of Technology in Landscape Architecture. The program is currently undergoing accreditation. The Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA), in collaboration with LACF and other organizations, has established two scholarships for the Atlantic region.

LA Students at work_ Dalhousie University, Truro Campus / Image: Nick Pierce

1. Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship *

Context and description 

The Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship, established in collaboration with the Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA), was created to honour practitioner and teacher Peter Klynstra, and his significant contributions in the field of landscape architecture. The inaugural scholarship was awarded in 2014.

This $2,000 scholarship is intended to support students from the Atlantic Provinces who are to study landscape architecture in an accredited Canadian university. 

Criteria and award process

*Students must apply.

Students who share Peter’s passion for the profession of landscape architecture are invited to apply for this Scholarship. The successful applicant will have excellent grades, take an active interest in professional activities and express the strong intention to practice in Atlantic Canada. Applications are due by September 30. 

Applications should be addressed to: Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship / APALA Scholarship Committee:

The APALA Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee reviews submissions and recommends a nominee for approval by the LACF Board. 

Who was Peter Klynstra? 


Peter Klynstra, Landscape Architect, spent more than 20 years as a design professor in Environmental Planning at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and then at Dalhousie University during which time he mentored many students. He passed away too soon in 2014. In his over 40 years of practice as a landscape architect, Peter Klynstra was involved in major projects relating to waterfront planning, institutional land planning and development research. In addition to his innovative design talents, Klynstra was highly sought after for his expertise in community consultation and was a strong advocate for the voice of the community in planning projects. But perhaps he is best known for his energy and enthusiasm to help on projects large or small with his limitless stream of ideas and encouragement. In 2011 the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects bestowed its President’s Award upon Klynstra in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the profession. 


  • APALA Regional Partner
  • Klynstra family and friends
  • Colleagues and friends from CSLA, APALA and the development community.
  • LACF is grateful for the support and generosity of donors who have supported and continue to gift this scholarship fund and help it grow until fully endowed and sustainable.


Image: Dalhousie University_ Architecture

2. Atlantic Landscape / Dalhousie Scholarship *

Context and description 

The Atlantic Landscape Dalhousie Scholarship endowment fund was created in support of students in the Bachelor of Technology in Landscape Architecture program at Dalhousie University. It was established in 2017 by the Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA) in collaboration with members of the Atlantic landscape industry and LACF. 

This annual scholarship of $1000 was created to strengthen the landscape architecture profession in Atlantic Canada and foster technological competency in both the profession and industry.  The award also celebrates the establishment of the first professional landscape architecture program in Atlantic Canada at Dalhousie University.  

Criteria and award process

*  Students must apply. 

This scholarship is available annually to students enrolled in the Dalhousie University Bachelor of Technology in Landscape Architecture program. Selection of a recipient is based on the applicant’s probability of successfully taking up work in landscape technology in the Atlantic region, as indicated by:

  • Academic performance,
  • Demonstrated understanding of professional responsibilities and ethics as indicated by faculty reference,
  • Statement of intention to work in the Atlantic region,
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities related to the practice of landscape technology,
  • Relevant academic, work or hobby experience related to the program of study, and
  • Ties to the region (areas of study, family, living here).

Applications should be addressed to:  
Atlantic Landscape Scholarship / APALA Scholarship Committee: 

The annual deadline for application is September 30. APALA reviews applications and recommends a nominee to the LACF Board for review and approval. 


LACF and the APALA Scholarship committee are pleased to have the enthusiastic support of landscape industry groups to establish this Scholarship including the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), Landscape New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (LNB/PEI), Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador (LNL), Landscape Nova Scotia (LNS)

3. Maglin-LACF Scholarship

A scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded to one outstanding student studying landscape architecture each year to a student at Dalhousie University. 

Applicants should be:
a) Currently enrolled in the program listed above;
b) A Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
c) Nominated by the faculty; and
d) Demonstrate excellence in their studies.

Note that a student may receive this scholarship in addition to other LACF Scholarships – there are no restrictions on the attribution of the Maglin-LACF Scholarship.

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