Official Logo Usage

The LACF logo must not be stretched, condensed, colour modified, or overlaid on a coloured or image background. It must only be placed over a white background. There is a white version of the logo available to be placed over black backgrounds and is available upon request. 

A border of at least 1 cm must be respected around each side of the logo. This means that no text, imagery, or other graphic objects must be placed within 1 cm of the logo, as to not interfere with the integrity of the logo. 

Logo Variations

Full Version: This version of the logo can be used when it will be an appropriate size to read the text. If you would like to resize the logo smaller, please use the condensed version. 

Download the verticle logo (full colour)

Download the horizontal logo (full colour)

Condensed version: This logo can be used in place of the first option when it will be sized smaller to enhance readability. It can also be used in places where a more simplified logo would be preferable.

Download the condensed version (acronym only, full colour)