LACF-FAPC Scholarships in Manitoba 

There is currently one accredited landscape architecture program at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture. 

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> Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship / University of Manitoba 


In 2018, with the approval of the Schwabenbauer family, LACF voted to restructure the Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship established in 2006 into two distinct and fully endowed scholarships:  Andre Schwabenbauer / U of Manitoba / MALA (interim name) and the Andre Schwabenbauer / NAIT Scholarship / Alberta


This $1,000 annual scholarship, established in honor of the memory of Andre Schwabenbauer, recognizes and fosters excellence in design. Andre felt strongly that landscape architecture is first and foremost a design profession. The scholarship is awarded to a student in the MLA program, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba.


The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in the final year in the MLA program. School faculty identifies a candidate who exemplifies the objectives of the scholarship and the nomination is reviewed and approved by the LACF Scholarship Committee. The criteria are left purposefully general, trusting that the faculty of the schools know their students and can recognize achievement and potential.

Timeline and Award Process

The school faculty makes a recommendation to LACF for approval in October with the award presented by the end of the Fall semester.  

Who was Andre Schwabenbauer? 

Andre Schwabenbauer _ IFLA Jury_2003

Andre Schwabenbauer, FCSLA, ALAA, was a talented and respected landscape architect based in Edmonton. Besides being a successful practitioner operating his own firm, he had a deep understanding of the duty of service one owes one's profession. He served as President of the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects, the AALA representative to the Board of Governors of the CSLA and then as CSLA President, the youngest individual to have held that post. He was inducted into the CSLA College of Fellows in 2003, the year he was diagnosed with leukemia. He passed away two years later at the age of 42. Andre's family, friends and colleagues created an endowment fund in his name, under the auspices of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation. Andre was so highly regarded that the CSLA also created an award in his name. The CSLA Schwabenbauer Award is granted annually to a member of the CSLA in recognition of their unselfish and devoted service to the Society at the national level over a period of not less than five years.  


Recipients of the Andre Schwabenbauer / U of Manitoba MLA Scholarship 

  • 2018: Elmira Sanati Nia, University of Manitoba MLA


Recipients of the Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship 2006 -2017

2017: Vincent Javet, (University of Toronto MLA), Lindsey McCain, (University of Guelph BLA), Ms. Luozijie (Katherine) Xie, (University of Guelph MLA), Nicole Alden, (University of British Columbia),  Marianne Pascual, (Université de Montréal MAP),  Dilaxshy Sivagurunathan, (University of Manitoba MLA)
2016: Tasha Sangha (University of British Columbia MLA), Vincent Tang (University of Manitoba MLA), Andrea Graham (University of Guelph BLA), Julia Taucer (University of Guelph MLA), Rachel Salmela (University of Toronto MLA), and Nora Topalian (Université de Montréal MLA) 
2015: Michelle Peeters, (BLA program, University of Guelph), Emily French, (MLA candidate, University of Guelph)
2014: Caroline Magar, (Université de Montréal)
2013: Meagan Esopenko, (University of Toronto)
2012: Michelle Campbell, (University of British Columbia)
2011: Trent Workman, (University of Manitoba)
2010: Ana Cureca and David Mugford, (University of Guelph)
2009: Elaine Fournelle, (University of Montreal) 
2008: Andrea Marin, (University of Toronto)
2007: Jason Lam, (University of British Columbia)
2006: Andrea Kennedy, (University of Manitoba)


LACF is grateful to members of the CSLA and MALA communities and to the Schwabenbauer family and friends for their generosity over the years in supporting the establishment and growth of the Schwabenbauer endowment fund.

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