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LACF’s vision is for universally rich, resilient and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of humankind. 

LACF’s mission is to promote and advance the ideals of the profession of landscape architecture through research, communication and scholarship as a means to make positive and legacy contributions to our natural and built environments and to thriving communities. 

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LACF counts on sponsors and supporters for the critical financial resources needed to build and implement core programs and activities aligned with our mission.  Your contribution will help build a brighter future for all.   

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LACF invests in research that subscribes to the principles of the Canadian Landscape Charter and to the LACF mission of making positive and legacy contributions to our natural and built environments. Since its inception in 1988, LACF has invested close to $500,000 in over 150 research initiatives, many of them with a decidedly Canadian focus. 

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LACF supports communication initiatives that promote and advance the understanding of the fundamental values of the profession of landscape architecture. From helping to establish the award-winning CSLA magazine, Landscapes | Paysages to seed-funding Canadian publications and events about "landscape," LACF aims to spread the word.

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In 2018, LACF distributed $14,500 in scholarships to 14 extraordinary Canadian LA students. Now LACF aims to increase this amount to $25,000 per year from fully endowed scholarship funds for both our national and regional awards. Your generous support is essential to reaching this target. Investing in our next generation of leaders promises a better future for all. 

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