Collectively building knowledge 

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A prime objective of LACF is to promote research in the realm of Landscape Architecture and related professions that increases the body of knowledge and informs practice in ways that will lead to creating a more sustainable and resilient future. LACF invests in research that subscribes to the LACF mission of making positive and legacy contributions to our natural and built environments and that endorses the principles of the CSLA Canadian Landscape Charter 2015.   


Recognize, protect, manage and celebrate Canadian landscapes | CLC-CCP 2015

Investing in Research

Since its inception in 1989, LACF has invested over $500,000 in 150 + research and communication initiatives through the LACF-FAPC Annual Grants Program, bursary awards and special project funding. Projects have ranged from Healing and Therapeutic Garden Design Guidelines in the early days, to the more recent seed-funding for the publication of a book by author and landscape architect Ron Williams entitled Landscape Architecture in Canada. There is a decidedly Canadian focus to LACF's work and it’s a legacy of which to be proud. 

Annual Grant Funding   

LACF funds ground-breaking and evidence-based research and communication on topics consistent with the values at the forefront of the profession through its Annual Grants Program.  Grant applicants are invited to push the boundaries of inquiry, take risks and contribute to transforming existing situations into preferred ones.

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Grant Results

Communicating LACF research results is paramount to the Grants program and to the LACF mission.  Our website showcases our current year awards on the Grants Portfolio page and visitors can peruse the 150 + LACF funded grant & bursary awards that are housed and updated in our Grants Portfolio Archive.  

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Supporters who contribute to the LACF General Fund provide critical financial support for Research through Annual Grants & Bursary programs and special project funding. LACF is particularly grateful to our supporting Sponsors who share in our vision of universally rich, resilient and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of humankind.