Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2018 grants in support of research, communication and scholarship. This year four professional and two student projects received grant awards. 2018 marks the first time a grant has been awarded from the Northern Research Fund.

“LACF is proud to announce the six grant recipients for 2018.  Each project exemplifies the Canadian Landscape Charter; by documenting the expanding role landscape architects play in providing social, cultural, ecological, economic and health benefits to society”, said LACF President, Vincent Asselin, FCSLA. “The grants impact is multiplied as the recipients are required to share the results of their work.”  The grants for 2018 cover a range of topics and tackle issues from detail design to global warming. Documentation of each grant is accessible through LACF’s online portfolio found at”

Annual grant proposals are adjudicated and awarded by a national jury composed of six individuals from public, and private practice with academic credentials representing the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, British Columbia regions and Canada’s north.  The Board of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation extends recognition to the many individuals and component associations who through their annual donations make these grants possible.

You can peruse all the projects in detail in the Grants Portfolio 2018. 


136, 137
138, 139
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#136 _ GROWING GRIT: Low Nutrient Mineral Substrates for Resilient Perennial Planting | Ben O’Brien,Wild by Design, Grant $3,000
#137 _ INCLUDING THE VOICE OF INDIGENOUS YOUTH IN GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE | Sheila Boudreau, Fred Martin, and Liat Margolis,  Grant $7,000
#138 _ A MOSS MACHINE FOR GREEN ARCHITECTURE AND RESTORATIVE ECOLOGY: A scalable growing system to supply green roofs and living walls with moss and lichen cover |  Sean R. Haughian and Jeremy L. Lundholm Grant $3,000
#139 _ THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT CANADIAN LANDSCAPES: A disciplinary conversation on the status of education and research in Canadian Schools of Landscape Architecture | Heather Braiden, Marcella Eaton, Susan Herrington, Karen Landman, Alissa North, Beverly Sandalack, Nicole Valois,  Grant $5500
14O, 141
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#140 _ BURNING MAN:  A Guiding Light for Participatory Community Design | Sarah Luce-Andreyko, University of Guelph, Grant $1500
#141 _ VISUALIZING CLIMATE IMPLICATIONS ON FOOD SOURCES IN THE CANADIAN ARCTIC | Jessica MacDaniel, University of British Columbia Northern Research Bursary Fund, Grant $2,000


Header image credit: #140 Burning man