Grants Program Awards 2019


The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 grants in support of research, communication and scholarship. This year, grant recipients submitted projects that were imaginative, creative, global, local, historical, cultural, northern and scholarly. Enjoy!

LACF Awards $34,500 in Grants for 2019 


CSLA Canadian Landscape Charter 2015  

“LACF is proud to announce the nine grant recipients for 2019.  Each project exemplifies the Canadian Landscape Charter; by documenting the expanding role landscape architects play in providing social, cultural, ecological, economic and health benefits to society”, said LACF President, Vincent Asselin, FCSLA. “The grants impact is multiplied as the recipients are required to share the results of their work.”  The grants for 2019 cover a range of topics and tackle issues from how landscape architectural projects evolve over time to how we are forever loosing valuable natural landscapes to climate change. 2019 marks the inaugural grant awarded from the Donald Graham Bursary in communication and a second grant award from the Northern Research Fund.

Annual grant proposals are adjudicated and awarded by a National Jury composed of six individuals from public, private and academic practices areas, representing the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, British Columbia regions and Canada’s north.  The Board of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation extends recognition to the many individuals, organisations and component associations who through their annual donations make these grants possible. 

Go to our Annual Grants Portfolio page to view full texts or see a brief summary below. 

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2019 Grant AWARDS_ Professional 

Congratulations to our 2019 Grant Award recipients! 

#152 / Landmarks in Landscape Architecture

Dr. Alan Tate, University of Manitoba / Recipient of the Donald Graham Bursary / Grant $5,000

Support for the preparation of a book and its publication with the working title Landmarks in Landscape Architecture. The book will be a project-by-project study of significant, still existing works of landscape architecture worldwide, constructed since the Renaissance.



#151 / Studio Problématiques: Thinking critically about Canadian Landscapes 

Heather Braiden, Marcella Eaton, Susan Herrington, Karen Landman, Alissa North, Enrica Dall’Ara, Nicole Valois / Grant $ 4,500

The group plans to develop and deliver a studio+field studies course that will occur concurrently at each of the landscape schools across the country with the support, expertise and engagement of local practitioners.



# 150 / Undone – The Return to Earth

Emilia Hurd and Julia Smachylo / Grant $6,500

What becomes of our landscape architectural projects as they age and evolve? Undone - The Return to Earth is envisioned as a published book and a web resource.  Landscape architects conceive, craft and construct; however, is there an alternative future end state to consider as part of the design process?



# 149 / Dispossession by Design: Recovering the role of landscape architects in the early colonial history of national parks in Canada

Tiffany Kaewen Dang, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, UK / Recipient of the Gunter Schoch Bursary / Grant:  $6,000

National Parks hold iconic significance in the Canadian imagination as the proverbial ‘natural jewels’ of the nation. However, behind these important landscapes lies a dark history of colonization....

# 148 / The Reparative Logics of World War II Confinement Camp Preservation: British Columbia, Alaska and Hawaiʻi in Context

Desiree Valadares, PhD Candidate, UC BerkeleY / Grant $5,000

This dissertation aims to uncover the role of landscape/ruins/ material traces in the larger project of government recognition and redress for historical injustices.



# 147 / Literature Review of Available Research on Therapeutic Gardens and Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Emily Thorpe (student intern) with Virginia Burt, FCSLA, FASLA of Virginia Burt Designs Landscape Architecture / Grant $2,000

The intent of this research is to expand conceptions of universal design by accommodating the needs of neurological-diverse populations, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). 




# 146 / Developing a manual and framework for iterative place-making in Canada’s North

Thevishka Kanishkan, MLA Candidate, University of Toronto / Recipient of the Northern Research Fund Grant / Grant $2,000

Canada’s northern communities are changing fast. The goal of this Master’s thesis is two-fold.  To develop an easy-to-read well-designed manual for every day northerners to use for iterative place-making. 




# 145 / Memory, Place & Change on the Tantramar Marshes

Aiden Fudge, MLA Candidate, University of Guelph / Grant $1,500

The Tantramar Marshes, located at the heart of the maritime provinces of Canada, is a landscape layered in cultural and natural significance. This research will help to inform and empower future landscape interventions and conservation practices on the Tantramar Marshes. 




# 144 / Urban Abundance: Alternative Future Landscape Scenarios to Increase Urban Food Security and Optimize Ecological Integrity 

Kira Burger, MLA Candidate, University of Guelph / Grant $2,000 

Urban agriculture, defined as the cultivation, processing and distribution of crop and livestock goods within cities and towns, is widely regarded as an important strategy to enhance urban food security. This research will challenge conventional planning approaches ...


For information about the LACF-FAPC Grants program, please contact Faye Langmaid, LACF Grants Committee Program