OVER $ 22,000 WAS RAISED FOR LACF AT 2015 CSLA CONGRESS IN MEXICO.  The 2015 CSLA Congress closing Gala in Mexico City confirmed a well-known fact: landscape architects are generous!  After Cam Patterson’s annual 'art initiative' raised $2,200 for the Andre Schwabenbauer scholarship fund, new LACF Fundraising Chair Peter Briggs asked those present to pledge a donation to LACF and in the span of a few minutes, another $19,965 in pledges came in from a relatively small group of people.  It's clear that landscape architects are not only generous; they also realize the value of their investment in LACF.  

A big THANK YOU! to those who pledged their support! 

Cam Patterson and Emma Skalka

Emma Skalka from Victor Stanley with Cam Patterson and the "Art initiative".  Fund Raising for the Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Fund.



'' The past decade has seen our Canadian landscape architectural organizations making great strides'' says Peter Briggs enthusiastically.  ''We are sharpening our skills at getting noticed and having the values of our profession recognized. Key to any expansion of awareness about landscape architecture is the development of our body of knowledge, and LACF is a primary supporter of those that are doing this work. While we have achieved much, we are still just getting up to where we need to be.''

On the fundraising landscape, LACF's existing organizational goal has been the development of a $500,000 fund that would support grants and scholarships through the interest that it earns and this goal has almost been achieved.  LACF is now focusing on developing a strategic plan and setting new targets. For example, the Foundation currently offers one academic scholarship that rotates between the six accredited schools of landscape architecture in Canada.  It is time to do more.   A new objective will be to offer at least one scholarship for each school, every year. Initiatives like the Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship created in partnership with the APALA are models that can inspire future scholarship opportunities and help support our future even more. 

LACF recognizes that its unique role is to rally landscape architects and supporters to fund the growth not only of Scholarships but also of Research and Communication.  As Briggs pointed out at the Gala, '' at this point in the development of our profession, we need money in order to create change. To date, our scholarships and grants have had resounding impacts that touch every facet of what we do. Our fundraising initiatives recognize this, as we expand those that we ask for support and reach out to every landscape architect to be an LACF member.''


LACF invites you to become actively involved in the next phase of our growth. We also ask you to make sure that those in your offices and professional networks also know about LACF and are given an opportunity to support the amazing things the next generation will do, and the places they will take us.  As the generosity of landscape architects demonstrated in Mexico, the time is right!  

You can donate online NOW and you automatically become a member when you make a donation of $100 or more.   

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