LACF President's post-Congress report...


On May 7, 2019, LACF held it's 31st Annual Meeting in Vancouver. The well attended session took place within the CSLA-BCSLA annual Congress and powerful conference around the theme of Truth and Reconciliation; in addition, LACF Board met for it's annual face to face meeting. It was a great opportunity to look ahead and start planning for the next stage of the Foundation's development. 

[ photo above is from Jessica MacDaniel, see Research Grant # 141_ Visualizing Climate Implications on Food Sources in the Canadian Arctic_ Thank you Jessica!]

Something wonderful happened at Congress!

Chris Grosset and other LACF + CSLA members are happy with the creation of a new Indigenous Scholarship!!!

During the opening session of Congress, CSLA Fellow Chris Grosset challenged the audience to create a Legacy project by establishing an Indigenous Scholarship in Canada! This challenge was taken seriously by Peter Briggs, FCSLA, who once again lead the LACF ASK at the CSLA Gala Banquet. This year the request was simple: It is important to create and sustain a culture of giving and it’s not the amount you give that matters. Collectively, we need to continue to support the advancement of the values of the profession through research, communication and scholarship for the betterment of our environment and humanity.

The outstanding and wonderful result of this approach was to collect $76,635.00 with an amount of $32,635.00 being directed to the newly created Indigenous Scholarship Fund. This amount represents a sustainable annual scholarship of $1,000! We are happy to report that Chris's initial challenge was met, and that this Legacy project is now established. We will keep you updated. 

Movement on the Board

LACF Annual Board Meeting_ Executive Committee, Directors and new members.

LACF is also excited to report that mandates were renewed for Board Members Peter Kreuk, Faye Langmaid, Karen LeGresley Hamre and Cathy Sears.  Three new members were also voted to the Board bringing with them both seasoned experience and youthful energy. New members include: well-known conservation landscape architect John Zvonar, FCSLA, OALA; Christine Abe, OALA, partner at The MBTW Group in Toronto and Marilyn Gould, SALA, partner and principal landscape architect with Crosby Hanna & Associates in Saskatoon. Welcome to the Board! 

Our Sponsors

In 2019 LACF made a call for sponsors that generated close to $50,000 in support for LACF’s ongoing activities such as the Annual Grants Program. Combined with the $76,000+ in pledges raised at the Gala, total annual fundraising efforts top $126,000 representing a new milestone for the Foundation. We thank our sponsors for stepping up to the occasion and getting on board. You are amazing!

LACF is particularly grateful to our Platinum 2019 sponsor Maglin Site Furniture for their continued financial and in-kind support over the last three years. Maglin’s commitment to LACF, philosophically, financially and from behind the scenes as a creative force behind our new website, has made a significant difference and inspired us all. Our new website now features all our sponsors and supporters and we plan to profile the Maglin team in upcoming news. The French version of the site is still in the works and hopefully will be completed in the coming months so stay tuned! 

Thank you and thank you all again! 

In closing, congratulations to all the people and volunteers who participated in pulling together yet another outstanding Congress! LACF thanks our promotional partners including CSLA and component associations for their continued and invaluable support at this Congress event and throughout the year. To all our supporters, thank you for your contributions big or small. Each pledge, donation or volunteer effort makes a difference in advancing our shared mission and without your support we would not exist. Thank you!


Vincent Asselin, O.Q., FCSLA, AAPQ