June 2021 Bulletin


1. Summary of the Decisions of the LACF June Board Meeting / 2. Tribute in recognition of Vincent Asselin and Cecelia Paine's years of dedication to the LACF //

Summary of the Decisions of the LACF June Board Meeting

1. New members were elected to the Executive Committee: Eha Naylor as President, Ed Versteeg as Vice-President, Vincent Asselin as Past President and Christine Abe as Secretary. Peter Kreuk remains in  his post as Treasurer. The LACF Board thanks Karen LeGresley Hamre and Cecelia Paine for their years of service on the LACF Executive Committee.

2. The Board constituted its committee members and chairs for 2021-2022.

3. The Board approved revised terms of reference for the Governance Committee.

4. The Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Peter Jacobs for the financing and conditions of the Peter Jacobs Indigenous Scholarship.

LACF Tribute to Vincent Asselin

Written by Wendy Graham

Vincent Asselin wears many different hats. Each hat is unique and represents an opportunity to make a difference which is something he does often and well. Vincent wears his LACF ‘chapeau’ in Quebec with pride and carries it with him at all times should opportunity present. 

As a founding member of LACF, Vincent has been an ambassador and unofficial representative of the Foundation in the ‘belle province’  for close to 35 years. This diplomatic role works in two directions and in turn, he has represented and stood for Quebec’s culture and specificity, within the Foundation.  For that, Landscape architects in Quebec are grateful. It has been a longstanding, and win-win relationship.

On a professional level, Vincent has received innumerable honors in Quebec that recognize his contributions to the profession and an overall remarkable career. The prestigious title of Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec and the Prix Ernst-Cormier are two of the highest distinctions conferred by the Government of Quebec that pay tribute to exceptional individuals who, through their achievements, values and ideals, push back the limits of knowledge and participate and influence Quebec’s growth.  A worthy ambassador indeed.

On the volunteer front, Vincent is (equally) prolific. He has been an active AAPQ member, was a past president and continues to be an active task force member.  At the University of Montreal, his alma mater, he gives of his time generously as guest lecturer, critic and LACF student scholarship advocate. His volunteer efforts extend to the community he lives in and the community of design professionals that he belongs to. In all of these spheres, he carries and communicates the Foundation’s mission and vision forward with enthusiasm.

More specifically, at every AAPQ AGM Vincent finds an opening and takes the floor to inform and encourage members to support the Foundation’s mission so that Landscape Architects can individually and collectively attain greater heights and create better worlds.  At the UdeM, he organises and assists in the scholarship awards ceremony every year. His regard for and belief in this next generation of leaders is palpable and authentic.   

In the social spaces during professional and volunteer activities, Vincent connects, one on one, with landscape architects, practitioners, educators, clients, affiliated professionals, students and suppliers about the value of the work LACF does, and the advantages of supporting this cause. He is pro-active, hands on, consistently present and thinks outside the box. He is also a team player that can identify potential in others and encourages them to get on board. He is convincing and inspiring.

Importantly, Vincent leads by example. In Quebec, he actively solicited support and made significant personal donations towards the AAPQ 50th Anniversary Scholarship fund commemorating the founders of the AAPQ and the first Quebec regional scholarship for an UdeM student in Landscape Architecture. He generously supported the Don Graham bursary in Communication. He spearheaded / initiated the creation of both the Daniel Routaboule travel scholarship at UdeM and the national Peter Jacobs Indigenous Scholarship. He activiely participated in establishing the Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship.  These scholarships and bursary awards honor some of Quebec Canada’s prominent landscape architects. Merci Vincent.

Vincent’s longstanding efforts in Quebec have positively contributed to the Foundation’s ongoing success and engendered a strong alliance with the AAPQ.  It seems fitting to commemorate this longstanding commitment ….and thank him on behalf of future generations.  May he continue to wear his LACF chapeau d’Ambassadeur for many years to come.

LACF Tribute to Cecelia Paine

Prepared by Eha Naylor

Cecelia’s contributions and accomplishments at LACF are frankly unparalleled. She is a founding Board Member in 1987 and over 34 years she served as the LACF Secretary and on the Grants Committee from 1988-2006; when she stepped into the role of President which she held until 2012. She chaired the Nominating Committee for Board members from 2013 until 2019 and chaired the Scholarship Committee until today. She has been a force in establishing the Fredrick Gage Todd National Scholarship that will be awarded for the first time this year.

Cecelia has made an indelible contribution to LACF. She is clearly a passionate landscape architect who has been committed to the profession throughout her career, also serving as President of the OALA and the CSLA. Her significant service was acknowledged with special recognitions including the prestigious national Schwabenbauer Award in 2009, and the OALA’s Pinnacle Award 2016, and she is of course a fellow of both the CSLA and the ASLA.

Prof. Paine’s involvement in the Landscape Architecture program in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph since 1990 allowed her to engage in the education of countless students, acting not only as an educator, but as a mentor to aspiring professionals. This work as a distinguished academic professional earned her recognition by the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, the University of Guelph Faculty Association and the CSLA.

I believe it was through her interaction with students that she became passionate about supporting students through scholarships, as well as funding research to advance landscape architecture throughout Canada. In addition to her volunteer work, she has been a very generous donor and champion of LACF’s scholarship program.

When Ron Williams was ready to publish his book on the History of Landscape Architecture in Canada, Cecilia was the main driver behind the fundraising campaign, it was the first for LACF and it was her appeal to the members of the landscape architecture community that secured enough funding for publication in French and English simultaneously. That funding was a special grant, it was a first for LACF and there continues to be a need to fund unique and valuable projectss.

LACF has funded $600K in research grants since 1990, and now offers 15 scholarships having awarded $100k since starting the program in 2006. The awards have grown in number and size because of the effort, creativity and inspiration of many LACF members, the Board and individuals like Cecelia.

I would like to raise my glass in a toast to an exceptional professional who has selflessly worked to create a better future for our profession. To Cecelia!