FEBRUARY NEWS looks at how LACF expands our historical understanding at the University of Guelph Library and invites you to mark your calendar with some upcoming LACF important dates during this years CSLA Congress in Winnipeg. 


LACF makes an annual donation to the Frances Blue Fund at the University of Guelph Library, Special Collections. 

University of Guelph Chief Librarian, Rebecca Graham, has expressed thanks to LACF for its gift of $1000 designated to support the Francis Blue Fund.  As she notes in her letter, "The Francis Blue Fund is a vital resource for information, not only about Frances Blue, but also about the development of landscape architecture in Canada. Having such an important collection expands our historical understanding of the profession and provides greater opportunities for research and enquiry. Please extend my sincere appreciation to your colleagues at the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation for their kind and meaningful gift."  

Since 2007, the Foundation has made annual donations to support this fund in recognition of the significant bequest Frances Blue left to the Foundation in the late 1980s.  See Frances Blue / Special projects

Learn more about Frances McLeod Blue and her role in the CSLA here.


As CSLA congress approaches (June 23-25) there are some important LACF meetings and events that you don’t want to miss so put these in your calendar…  

1. A Winnipeg “social” in support of LACF 
Date : Friday, June 24
A Manitoban tradition, “socials” originated in small communities across the province where the community would assemble in the local hall to dance, raise a glass and raise funds in a fun and “social” way. The CSLA Congress “Social” will be held in a beautiful setting atop the Assiniboine River on the historic rail bridge. The “Social” will feature a selection of landscape photographs drawn from the Canadian Landscape Charter. * 
All funds from this ticketed event will go to the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation. 
2. LACF-FAPC Board Meeting (CSLA Winnipeg)
Date : Thursday, June 23,  3 - 5 p.m.
3. LACF-FAPC AGM | Breakfast 
Date :Saturday, June 25, 7:30 - 8:45 a.m.
All LACF members are invited to attend 
Hope to see you there! Visit the CSLA website for more information about CSLA Congress in Winnipeg or check out the provisional program below. 
photo CREDIT: onlyinthepeg.com