Fundraising initiatives to endow three (3) Ontario Scholarships are on the go,  the 2017 Donation List shows once again that LA's support the Foundation and the creation of the Don Graham Bursary are featured items in this posting of LACF News. 



OALA celebrates its 50th birthday by co-hosting congress in Toronto with the CSLA from April 5-8. To make their legacy grow, members are standing up for the future and championing an ASK to raise funds for Ontario LA programs. “We need to raise $100,000 to endow Ontario Scholarships at both U of Guelph and U of Toronto,” says Eha Naylor, board member of LACF and one of 4 champions soliciting for the cause. 

“The Ontario ASK is ongoing and already generous contributions have been made,” adds Arnis Budrevics who along with Eha, are aiming to raise more than $33,000 for U of T, their Alma matter. Champions Cecilia Paine and Virginia Burt, are leading the ASK for BLA and MLA scholarships at Guelph University. Their efforts have met with great success so far and apparently, graduates, faculty and industry partners have been enthusiastic to support this drive for scholarships. 

Join the parade and celebrate OALA’s 50th by building scholarship programs that make a difference.  Learn more here and make a donation to the Scholarship of your choice.  



LACF Members and friends were generous in 2017 with over $136, 000 rose for RESEARCH, COMMUNICATION and SCHOLARSHIP. LACF says “Thank you”. In just three decades, Landscape Architects and like-minded friends have donated over a MILLION dollars to the Foundation. Together, we are helping create healthy, beautiful landscapes for people to live in and enjoy while making the world a better place. It’s a legacy to be proud of.  

See our Donation List 2017 here. 


Painting of the Lauentian Landscape by a young Don Graham 


DON Graham, FCSLA, OALA, AAPQ, landscape architect, practitioner, and friend to many left a bequest of $10 000 to LACF before passing in November 2017.  As an early proponent of the idea to create the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation back in the 80’s, he was pleased to see it bloom and grow over the last few years. The Graham family have donated a matching 10 000$ to create a bursary in his name and carry his legacy forward. 

Don’s wife Ree and children Brian, Wendy and Joanne, wish to thank all those who made an LACF donation in Don's memory.   Above and beyond the more than $5000 in contributions to LACF received, the family appreciated and were touched by the many comments and testimonials about Don and how he contributed to their lives and their communities. The details of the bursary are being developed and will be announced later in the year.