LACF Scholarships approach the finish line; A new LACF National Scholarship is in the making; Introducing the 2018 Scholars from BC and 'Something to think about over the summer' make the headlines in this pre-vacation e-News. And yes, the man in the picture above is Frederick Gage Todd. See article below.



LACF continues to celebrate its 30th birthday in 2018 by building its scholarship program across the country. After joining forces with regional LA components, schools and sponsors, the goal of establishing scholarships for every accredited LA program in Canada will soon be achieved.  But where are we on meeting the goal for each endowment?




Fundraising efforts at the CSLA congress in in Toronto brought in $ 116 000 with almost half of that amount directed to scholarships in Ontario. See the individual scholarship progress on the chart above to gage how close we are to reaching our objective for each one of these coveted awards. And by the way, if you have not yet honored your congress pledge or you wish to contribute to a scholarship of your choosing, then DONATE NOW and help us reach the finish line! 




Once again LACF extends thanks to all those who stepped up this year to contribute generously.  Special recognition goes to Maglin Site Furniture  (LACF’s first Executive Sponsor) as well as to notable LA firms and individuals who made donations of $ 5000 and more including WAA+ (Montreal, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur), Arnis Budrevics, Durante Kreuk, Peter Kreuk, Cecelia Paine and Jim Taylor, Don + Eha Naylor and Peter Briggs. The complete list of donors is published in February for the year prior. See our Donor Recognition documents here.

LACF is also pleased to acknowledge support from our Partnering Component Associations and their members who are championing fundraising campaigns for regional scholarships and who assist readily in spreading the word about the good work that LACF is doing.  Of course, CSLA and the CSLA College of Fellows are our longstanding Support Partners and have been since the Foundation was established in 1989.  We recognize that our Support Partners combined with a strong dedicated and volunteer board of directors are the keystones to LACF’s growing success.  







Once regional and partnered scholarships are established for each of the accredited LA programs in Canada, LACF’s next initiative on the scholarship front will be the creation of a new and significant national scholarship.  The name of this scholarship award will honor the memory and work of Frederick Gage Todd. 

Frederick Gage Todd (March 11, 1876 - February 15, 1948) is considered the first resident landscape architect in Canada. He was one of a small group of landscape architects and town planners, committed to the art and practice of structuring urban growth in Canada during the first half of the 20th century. His projects can be found across the country from Vancouver, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland and range from small scale details of garden design to a comprehensive study of the nation's capital. 

In preparation for this new scholarship, an endowment fund has been created and a FGT Task Force chaired by Sara Gruetzner and composed of members Cecelia Paine, Cynthia Girling and Peter Kreuk, is already up and running. The task force will be responsible for developing policy and procedures, including criteria and an evaluation process in conjunction with the Board for this prestigious and socially equitable award. The inaugural LACF Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship is expected sometime in 2019 or 2020. 

 We will be keeping you informed. 




1. BCSLA ROBILLARD / LACF Scholarship in Landscape Architecture


1. Lee Patola 

Congratulations Lee Patola of the University of British Columbia MARCLA. Lee is entering her second year at UBC as part of the Dual Degree Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture Program. She has previously completed a BFA in Film Production from UBC, with a focus on Production Design/Set Design. Her interest in the fictional worlds of film has informed her intention to create unique experiences in the urban landscape, both private and public. She is currently participating in an internship as part of the MITACS program regarding the impacts of sea level rise on the Fraser River Delta. Lee is honoured to have been chosen to receive the LACF Raoul Robillard Scholarship and is looking forward to continuing her education and design explorations. 

The Robillard Scholarship was originally established by the BCSLA in 1982 to honor the memory of BC Landscape Architect, Raoul Robillard. In January 2018, this endowment fund was transferred to LACF.  The Foundation is honoured to administer this scholarship into the future in collaboration with BCSLA. 



2. LACF / UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

2. Susan Herrington (Prof.+ Chair, MAAP, UBC) et lauréat Erin Boa-Brown (à droite) 


Erin Boa-Brown is the deserving recipient of the 2018 LACF / UBC Scholarship.  This rising star was recommended unanimously by members of the Faculty. She receives this scholarship in recognition of her true commitment to landscape architecture as a creative and theoretical endeavor which maintains a recognition that theory impacts practice.  She also demonstrates a strong dedication to the field and has clearly shown positive outcomes of critically challenging our established perspectives and seeking new modes of practice.  She has demonstrated her strength as a persistent researcher, a creative thinker, and a sensitive designer. In 2016 Erin received the Robillard Scholarship. Congratulations Erin!

The LACF / UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture was created in 2016. This $1,000 scholarship is to be offered annually to a student in the second or third year of the Master of Landscape Architecture program who has demonstrated design creativity and commitment to sustainability, ecosystem biodiversity, sustainable food systems, resource management and/or community building. 




3/ Kathryn McCudden accepting the 30th Anniversary SALA Award, 4/ (Rebecca Anderson not shown) 


SALA and LACF congratulate Rebecca Anderson for receiving this years SALA Academic Award. Rebecca is completing and excelling in her second year of an MLA at the University of British Columbia.   To celebrate SALA's 30 year milestone, a special 30th Anniversary Award was created for this year only, in the amount of the original $350 given out 30 years ago.  Congratulations goes to award recipient Kathryn McCudden, a brilliant student in her first year of a MLA from the University of Manitoba. Learn more about these Scholars and Scholarships by visiting the SALA website.




(Lake) Superior Sunset, Summer 2017 W.Graham 


Spend some time this summer thinking about your proposal for project funding to the Annual Grants program.  Deadline for proposals this year is November 10, 2018 (one week earlier than usual).  This year the committee will be awarding up to $ 26,500 to projects that push beyond the boundaries of everyday practice. 

The Grants Committee jury is open to submissions exploring new design theories, speculations about new landscape interventions, questioning the current norms of practice, and arguing for new areas of research and professional development, as well as submissions seeking to expand the traditional areas of landscape research. 

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