A ROUND OF APPLAUSE ! An enthusiastic response to the REVERSE AUCTION in support of LACF at the CSLA Congress closing Gala in Toronto, a new partnered scholarship (BCSLA ROBILLARD | LACF) and a CHANGING OF THE LACF GUARD make the e-News this month. ENJOY!



Top_ left to right: Virginia Burt, Arnis Budrevics and Peter Briggs 
Bottom_ Gala guests making pledges in support of LACF


$ 100 000 + !

It’s hard to believe but it’s true!  CSLA members and friends helped raise over $ 100 000 for LACF at the Congress Gala dinner in Toronto on April 7th.  Arnis Budrevics, Virginia Burt and seasoned LACF fundraiser Peter Briggs championed the call for donations from the floor while Eha Naylor and Cecelia Paine worked prior to the event and behind the scenes. Gala guests were invited to invest in the future by endowing three new LA scholarships for Ontario LA programs including the BLA and MLA programs in Guelph and the MLA program in Toronto.  Donations could also be directed to any one of the growing number of LACF scholarships or research bursaries.   Close to half the amount pledged during the course of the evening went to the Ontario Scholarship program.  It was a fitting and fantastic way to celebrate OALA’s 50th anniversary. 

LACF president Vincent Asselin was very happy with the results. “Just over a year ago we were aiming to reach a target investment of half a million dollars and today we are well on our way to a million dollars in the bank!  This success brings us closer to reaching our goal of having partnered scholarships for every LA program in Canada and offering scholarship opportunities for students from coast to coast to coast.  Scholarships in BC, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Atlantic Provinces are already up and running.  Now Ontario, Manitoba and Calgary are well on their way. This is very exciting,” said Vincent while thanking the crowd.


It was especially encouraging to see affiliated organisations and LA firms stepping up to contribute this year. Maglin Site Furniture, who donated $ 10 000 last October in Montreal, generously donated another $ 20 000 at the Gala becoming LACF’s first Exclusive Lead Sponsor. Thanks to Maglin President Ian McAskile for encouragement and generous financial support. 

LACF president Vincent Asselin is also president and founding member of WAA’s three offices (Montreal, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur) and he leads by by example. Each of the WAA+ offices gifted $ 5000 to LACF for a total donation of $ 15 000.  “This is such a good cause because it focuses on making the world a better place through research, scholarship and communication,” said Vincent proudly.


Other generous visionaries donating $ 5000 or more include Arnis Budrevics, Peter Kreuk, Durante Kreuk, Cecelia Paine and Jim Taylor, Peter Briggs (Northern Research) and Don and Eha Naylor.  As this article goes to press, others were still stepping forward to contribute. Special thanks also goes to Gordon Smith who collected sponsors for his ‘run up the 79 floors’ of the CN tower in under 20 minutes.  Gordon raised over $ 2500 for the Foundation and worked off a few calories at the same time! 

The grand success of this member organised Reverse Auction illustrates just how much the CSLA members and friends consider LACF a worthy organization to support.  LACF is thankful, proud and energised by what has been accomplished. Ever forward. 




Raoul Robillard was known for his work in Butchart Gardens, Vancouver. Photo from BCSLA Web Atlas

LACF is looking to invest in the future and are joining forces with regional components, our LA schools and sponsors, to create and endow partnered scholarships across Canada. LACF is pleased to announce that the BCSLA ROBILLARD | LACF SCHOLARSHIP is now included under the LACF banner and it is the second LACF scholarship for British Columbia. 

The Robillard Scholarship was originally established by the BCSLA in 1982 to honor the memory of BC Landscape Architect, Raoul Robillard. In January 2018, this endowment fund was transferred to LACF.  The Foundation is honoured to administer this scholarship into the future in collaboration with BCSLA. 

This BCSLA ROBILLARD | LACF Scholarship awards $1,000 and a BCSLA Student Membership to a deserving candidate. It is awarded to a student entering second year in the UBC Landscape Architecture program who, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrates excellence in small-scale landscape design.  Learn more here. 

Raoul Robillard had a distinguished career as an early landscape architect in British Columbia and was a member of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. The award is made based on the recommendation of the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

List of award recipients since 1982.




LACF says good-bye to two board members whose terms expired in 2018, and who requested not to stand for re-election. The LACF Board thanks Ron Middleton (LACF Vice-President), FCSLA, AALA, for his longstanding contributions that have helped guide the Foundation over the years and Peter Briggs, FCSLA, NWTALA for his creative enthusiasm and fundraising flair. 

Two new members were elected to the board this year for a 3 year term. 

Gerry Eckford, FCSLA, BCSLA and principal of ETA Landscape Architecture in Vancouver, has made significant contributions to BCSLA and CSLA. He has also served on the LACF grants jury. Gerry has identified promoting the visibility of LACF as one of his interests.

Jill Robertson  OALA, LEED® AP ND joined DIALOG’s Edmonton studio in 2013 where she has led a variety of multi-disciplinary project teams across Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Jill is known for her ability to achieve meaningful consensus in highly sensitive situations. She is a LEED® Accredited Professional with a special interest in landscape ecology, collaborative master planning, and urban design.