The CANADIAN LANDSCAPE CHARTER and PORTFOLIO PROJECT are now LACF endorsed! It might be summer but LACF is still active on various projects and we want to keep you informed while you enjoy your summer holidays! 

Canadian Landscape charter cover


LACF is proud to endorse the Canadian Landscape Charter and so voted at their recent June board meeting.  LACF now joins forces with CSLA, the nine (9) component associations and over 200 signatories in proclaiming the importance of understanding, caring and better developing our Canadian landscapes.  "The principles put forward by the Charter are clearly aligned with the mission of LACF,” says LACF president, Vincent Asselin.  "We embrace these ideals and will look for ways to adhere and support them through our research, communication and scholarship initiatives." Learn more > Canadian Landscape Charter.



Portfolio Website Front Welcome page showing a Saskatchewan Landscape by Jean Landry


Jean Landry, who coordinated the Canadian Landscape Charter initiative [CLCI] and helped bring the Charter to fruition, is also a 2015 LACF Grant recipient for a project entitled the CANADIAN LANDSCAPE PORTFOLIO.This project, provides an opportunity to reconsider landscape and reflect on how these infinitely varied spaces play an important and pivotal role in our lives” says Jean. “It's also an invitation for landscape architects across the country to express their "personal" understanding of our living landscapes, be they natural or built, wild or restrained, iconic vernacular or personal...the possibilities are endless”.   

The 2016 edition of the PORTFOLIO project proposes the creation of an online Gallery consisting of ten (10) collections (9 for the component associations and one for the CSLA) of digital images that capture different and varied aspects of the Canadian landscape. The 2017 edition will consist of new gallery collections and ultimately, a digital publication in the form of an eBook.

Landscape Architects are invited to participate and submit digital images of the landscapes they live in or love accompanied by a description of why they are significant. The submission process, to begin in September, will be led by the CSLA component associations who ultimately will identify the finalists to be showcased in the PORTFOLIO Gallery collections and eBook. More detailed information, including the philosophy underlying the project and guidelines for submission will be ‘coming soon’ on the PORTFOLIO website scheduled to be launched towards mid-August.  

The creation of an online Portfolio featuring images of Canadian landscapes as seen through the eyes of landscape architects from across the country, promises to be interesting and accessible to all.  Not only will this collective endeavor celebrate the diversity of Canadian landscapes, it underscores the values of the profession itself.  Remember to bring your camera when you step outdoors this summer! 

Learn more about the Canadian Landscape PORTFOLIO project and other research projects  > LACF grant portfolio

LACF and CSLA are partners in supporting this communication and advocacy initiative. 


IMAGE CREDITS: 1| pink camera internet  2| Cover of Canadian Landscape Charter, CSLA publication 3| Welcome page PORTFOLIO Website _ photo Saskatchewan Jean Landry