AGM NOMINATIONS AND BYLAWS _ The LACF Board of Directors, on the recommendation of the 2015 LACF Nominations Committee, presents the following slate of candidates to serve on the 2015-2016 LACF Board of Directors.  Members will have the opportunity to vote on this slate during the LACF Annual General Meeting on May 22, 2015 in person or by electronic participation, or by proxy.  Details regarding voting opportunities are posted on our LACF AGM Members’ Agenda document on our website.

Continuing to serve until term ends:

Wendy Graham 2017 AAPQ
Don Hester 2017 MALA
Peter G. Kreuk 2016 BCSLA
Faye E. Langmaid 2016 SALA
Karen LeGresely Harme 2016 NWTLA
Eha Naylor 2017 OALA
Cathy Sears 2016 AALA
Randy Sharp 2017 BCSLA
Ed Versteeg 2017 APALA

Nominated to Return to Serve a new three-year term:

Vincent Asselin 2018 AAPQ
Ronald J. Middleton 2018 AALA
Cecelia Paine 2018 OALA

Newly Nominated to Serve a three-year term: 

Peter Briggs 2018 NWTLA
Natalie Walliser 2018 SALA

Peter Briggs, FCSLA, ASLA, NWTLA is the Founder and Principal Landscape Architect of Corvus Design, headquartered in Alaska.  He is the Immediate Past President of the CSLA and serves on the Landscape Paysages Editorial Board.   Peter was awarded the Victor Chanasyk Medal for Professionalism by the University of Guelph in 1999, and has been recently nominated as a CSLA Fellow.

Natalie Walliser, CSLA, SALA is a Planner at the University of Saskatchewan.  Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) from the University of Guelph in 2007.   She serves on the Landscape Paysages Editorial Board and was CSLA’s 2012 Congress Chair in Saskatoon.  

LACF thanks the members of the 2015 Nominations Committee:  Joanne Moran, FCSLA, OALA; Jim Taylor, FCSLA, FASLA, OALA; and Chair Cam Patterson FCSLA, SALA.


The LACF Board is proposing revisions to the LACF Bylaws, to be in compliance with the new rules which are part of the Canada Not-For -profit Corporations Act.  The report summarizing the proposed amendments and the current bylaws are posted here.