ONGOING!  The CSLA College of Fellows launches its annual fundraising Campaign of Fellows 2015 in support of LACF. Read the letter below from College of Fellows Chair Wendy Graham, inviting CSLA members, friends and affiliates to "pay it forward" by contributing generously to LACF before the end of 2015.  Thank you for participating and giving to this worthy cause. 


October 30, 2015 

Dear CSLA members and friends,

For the third consecutive year, the CSLA College of Fellows is extending its annual fundraising Campaign of Fellows to all CSLA members, friends and affiliates in support of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF). This year, more than ever, your participation counts. 

LACF, a charitable organisation established in 1988, receives funds and disburses them towards research, communication and scholarship initiatives that further the ideals of our profession.  Whether in academia, private practice or public service, landscape architects benefit immensely from the projects that have been supported by the LACF over the past 25 years.  They have expanded our understanding of the landscape architecture profession and the important contribution that we make to a better natural and designed environment.  

A glance at the online LACF Portfolio archives reveals a wide variety of topics that have received grant funding since 1990 including historical analyses of the profession in Canada and innovative design and planning solutions that enhance our natural and built resources.  Past recipients have been both practitioners and students pursuing new ideas in the theory and practice of landscape architecture. LACF has a proven track record of funding projects and people that resonate nationally. 

One of LACF’s primary goals in 2016 is to award an annual scholarship to a worthy student at each of the accredited schools of landscape architecture across Canada. To make these annual awards sustainable, LACF needs to increase its scholarship endowment funds by $150,000 setting as such, an ambitious fundraising target. Your financial support is critical to realizing this vision. 

In our work as landscape architects, we regularly manage numerous challenges with sites, clients and deadlines.  You are invited to step back from the day to day and reflect, for a moment, on the significant contribution our profession makes to the environmental, cultural and economic life of the country.  Imagine how you, as part of this professional community, can make a difference by “paying it forward” and giving generously.  



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Yours truly,

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Wendy Graham, CSLA College of Fellows, Chair 
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