Winnipeg Architecture Foundation + MALA _ Phase 2 of Oral History update

Susan Algie, Monica Giesbrecht

Winnipeg Architecture Foundation and MALA_ Phase 2 of Oral History 

Susan Algie, Director of the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation and Monica Giesbrecht, HTFC Planning and Design, MALA President

EN_ In 1998, the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects (MALA) had a comprehensive history of its’ first twenty-five years researched and written by Catherine MacDonald. Informed by professional research and oral history “Making a Place” is an excellent product but has the limitations of the 1998 end date and also limited public distribution. This is the second of four phases to update, enhance and promote the history of landscape architecture in Manitoba. Informed by professional research and oral history interviews, the result will be a comprehensive public education program including publications, self-guided and QR code tours, digital and physical exhibits. This project will build on previous documentation to provide the public with an enriched and up to date history of landscape architecture in Manitoba covering projects and designers who continue to shape the landscape from 1998 to today.

Winnipeg Architecture Foundation et MALA_ Phase 2 de l'histoire orale

FR_ En 1998, la Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects (MALA) avait demandé à Catherine MacDonald de retracer et de rédiger l’histoire complète de ses vingt-cinq premières années d’existence. Fondé sur une recherche professionnelle et sur l’histoire orale, « Making a Place » est un excellent ouvrage. Il se termine toutefois en 1998 et sa diffusion publique est restreinte. Il s’agit de la deuxième de quatre étapes de mise à jour, d’enrichissement et de promotion de l’histoire de l’architecture paysagère au Manitoba. Fondé sur des recherches professionnelles et des entrevues d’histoire orale, le programme exhaustif de sensibilisation du public qui en découlera comprendra des publications, des visites sans guide et à l’aide de codes QR, ainsi que des expositions virtuelles et réelles. Le projet s’appuiera sur la documentation antérieure afin d’offrir au public une mise à jour enrichie de l’histoire de l’architecture paysagère au Manitoba qui traite de projets et de concepteurs qui façonnent le paysage depuis 1998


17.05.03 > The Historical update of MALA members >  (Scroll down to view landscape architects, by clicking on each name you can view a bio and key works).  

The  biographies have been added to the WAF website and we have also added links on specific projects to the biographies that are online. Printed copies of all of the transcripts and reference material are in WAF files.  Other Links: link to Making a Place :