Revealing Bio-remediation

Alex Man-Bourdon

 Revealing Remediation

Alexandre Man-Bourdon, Master’s Candidate in Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Grant Objective / Objectif de la recherche

From stormwater to sewage treatment, recycled cans to garbage dumps, petroleum pumping to electric energy, the public is rarely forced to examine the sources, which make the everyday possible.  Invisible infrastructure and opaque processes are responsible for creating a disconnected and disassociated public, often unaware of the detrimental environmental and ecological impacts of everyday actions.

This research project addresses the role landscape architects have as a mediator between process and function on sites that are undergoing bioremediation and brownfield clean-up.  The creative abilities of landscape architects to engage the public in experimental education will be employed to inform the public of the negative impacts of their lifestyles and the direct impacts of these actions upon the community.