Expo 67: Le patrimoine recent de l’architecture de paysage au Canada _ Phase 1

Nicole Valois
$5,000 / GSB

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Nicole Valois, Professeure à l'École d’architecture de paysage, Université de Montréal, Awarded the Gunter Schoch Bursary

The study of the installations at the Montreal Universal and International Exhibition of 1967 (EXPO 67) aims to highlight the contribution of Canadian landscape architects to this event and identify the landscape elements that bear witness to this recent heritage period. More than a dozen Canadian landscape architecture firms played key roles in designing the Ile Notre-Dame, Ile Sainte-Helene and Cite du Havre sectors, from the structure of the islands to plant selection. Although the significance of Expo 67 to the profession is widely recognized, the extent of participation of landscape architects is not well documented.

Montrealer’s consider the site of the exhibit a precious asset. Several of the architectural elements have been designated as heritage sites at both municipal and provincial levels; however none of the landscape components have been specifically designated, much less recognized as the backbone of the overall success of the Expo and park system that remains.

With preparations for the 50th anniversary of Expo 67 underway and the master plan for the islands under review, this study aims to recognize a significant milestone in heritage landscape management decisions. In addition, the contributions to the field of landscape architecture should be recognized. Research findings will be published in specialized scientific journals, presented during the 50th anniversary events and Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

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