Cornelia Hahn Oberlander & the Art of the Possible

Kathy Stinson
$3,000 / GSB


Love Every Leaf

Recipient of the Gunther Schoch Bursary (GSB) 

Funding contributed towards the research of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander & the Art of the Possible. This book when completed will be a narrative of Cornelia’s life, starting with her childhood in Germany and including the moment she articulated her life’s dream, at the age of eleven, to become a landscape architect. It will describe her escape from Germany as a teenager during the Holocaust, the pursuit of her dream at a time when Harvard was just beginning to accept women into their School of Design, and the work she has done since that has earned her the descriptor “Canada’s premier landscape architect”. A number of her projects will be used to illustrate her process and philosophies. Playgrounds and green roofs will receive special attention, as will the concepts of sustainable development and least intervention, and the extensive research and collaboration behind every project.

Cornelia Oberlander