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A great year for Scholarship!

2019.12.18 / Celebrating LACF-FAPC Scholars / top row: Kendra Cheeseman, Selena DeWolf, Tan Au Ca Nguyen, Amélie Fortin, Grace Christie, Michael Wideman, Beth Bray, second row: Nicole Reenders, Mengyi (Nancy) Zhang, Christina Peace, Kathryn McCudden, Thu Ngo,

Grants, 2019 Scholars and Profile of a Champion

2019.11.21 / 2019.11.22 / November e-Bulletin: 1/  The Annual Grant proposals for 2020 are in, 2/ Recognizing our 2019 LACF-FAPC Scholars, 3/ LACF seeking Sponsors,  4/ A profile of LACF champion, Ian McAskile, President of Maglin Site Furniture.  1/ Annual

Landscape Charter inspires a new Scholarship in Alberta +

2019.10.10 / October e-Bulletin: 1/ Announcing a new scholarship in the name of the Canadian Landscape Charter 2/ Ms. Thu Ngo receives Inaugural LACF/ University of Calgary MLA scholarship 3/ One month remaining until deadline for submitting your grant proposal

Call for Grant Proposals 2020

2019.09.05 / Launching LACF Annual Grants Program 2020 /  As Summer days transform with the approach of Fall, LACF invites you to consider submitting project proposals for funding through the LACF Annual Grants Program 2020. Submission deadline > November 15

LACF President's post-Congress report...

2019.05.11 / On May 7, 2019, LACF held it's 31st Annual Meeting in Vancouver. The well attended session took place within the CSLA-BCSLA annual Congress and powerful conference around the theme of Truth and Reconciliation; in addition, LACF Board met for it's

Visit our new website!

2019.05.01 /   The month of May marks the launch of LACF's new updated website!  Come on in for a visit and see the work we do and the people who do it. We are celebrating and promoting the fundamental values of the profession of landscape architecture on these


2019.04.01 /   LACF MEMBERS are hereby notified that the 2019 Annual Members Meeting (AMM) will be held in Vancouver, BC, on May 8th, in conjunction with the 2019 CSLA Congres and CSLA-BCSLA Showcase.   LACF Members are individuals, firms or organizations that

Meet our 2018 Supporters

2019.01.24 / 2018 was a very good year.  All together, $217 000 was raised in support of LACF-FAPC research, communication and scholarship initiatives.  LACF is grateful to our 2018 donors who have provided critical financial support towards fulfilling our

Grants Program Awards 2019

2019.01.09 / The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 grants in support of research, communication and scholarship. This year, grant recipients submitted projects that were imaginative, creative,



2018.12.05 / LACF closes 2018 with a new crop of exciting grant proposals /  a National Jury is engaged in the challenging task of determining the 2019 Grant Award winners / LACF Board decides to fund a special project about the work of Landscape Architect