LACF Annual Grants Program

Tantramar Marshes_ 2019 Grant Award_Aiden Fudge 

"Research is essential for evidence-based decision-making and creating spaces and systems that respond to environmental and human needs." LAF

An Invitation to Research 

In mid-September, LACF sends out a call for proposals to the LA community and beyond, inviting individuals or groups to submit funding requests for projects that explore a specific dimension of landscape architecture. LACF invests in research and communication initiatives that are aligned with the mission and vision of the Foundation and that adhere to the principles of the CSLA Canadian Landscape Charter

For complete information about the Annual Grants Program including the philosophy, submission and eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria and specific timelines, you are invited to consult or download the 2020 Grants Policy and Application Information.

To learn more, visit our Grants Portfolio featuring projects supported by the Foundation in the current year.  You can also scroll through our Portfolio Archives Collection that profiles over 150 initiatives (grants, bursaries and special projects) funded since the Foundation was established.


2013 Grant Award #100 _ Gladstone Grow Op 

Available Grant Funding

Grants up to $10,000 are available to AAPC/CSLA professionals, educators or others seeking to explore or question an issue, or particular interest they believe to be crucial to the profession or to the landscape. A minimum of two grants of $2,500 each are offered to graduate students pursuing their thesis or final project for work whose study focus is in keeping with the mandate of the Foundation. The overall budget of the grants program is approximately $ 25,000 annually however this amount can vary from one year to the next and applicants may apply for funding in subsequent years. 

Bursary Funds Support Directed Research

Bursary awards for directed research are managed through the grants program and adjudication process.  They provide additional funding for submissions that meet the specific criteria established for these financial awards. 

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Grant Proposals: Timeline, Policy and Procedure 

Grants are awarded on an annual basis and follow a general timeline.  Projects may span more extended periods however, for the most part, they are completed within one year. Applicants can re-apply for funding in the following year. The general timeline is as follows: 

  • Fall (September) / Announcement of Annual Grants Program: Call for proposals
  • November (mid) / Grant applications due: Jury convenes * deadline is November 15th, 2019 for grant submissions 2020. 
  • January (mid) / Announcement of recipients and release of 50% of funds
  • Winter / Spring  / Award winners announced in LACF and CSLA news and bulletins
  • December (end) / Finished product submitted; final funds released; updates to the archive

For further information about this program or to submit a proposal contact Faye Langmaid, LACF Grants Committee Program Chair:

A Dedicated Jury

All annual grant submissions are adjudicated and awarded by a National Jury composed of six individuals from public, and private practice with academic credentials representing the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, British Columbia regions and Canada’s north.  With an increasing number of submissions every year, the task for our volunteer jurors has become increasingly challenging and exciting. 

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Donors and sponsors who contribute to the LACF Annual General Fund provide critical financial support for LACF grant and bursary programs as well as for special project funding. LACF is grateful to supporters who share in our vision of universally rich, resilient and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of humankind. 

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