Campaign of Fellows

An ambitious fundraising effort

When the CSLA College of Fellows initiated a fundraising campaign in 1988 in support of LACF they set an ambitious long-term target of $500,000. To date, approximately $400,000 has been raised through this annual activity. A yearly target of $50,000 has been established.

The Campaign of Fellows makes their appeal to members of the College who are well positioned to appreciate the important role the Foundation plays in promoting the values of the profession of Landscape Architecture. Typically, the campaign sollicits contributions from CSLA Fellows but is also pleased to accept donations from the many friends of LACF. Donors who contribute through the Campaign of Fellows will be acknowledged in the LACF Annual Report and on the Website, and will receive a tax receipt for their gift. Every year the Fellows Ask is held between November and December 31.  

You can view or download further information about past and present annual CSLA Campaign of Fellows below:

Past campaigns
CSLA Campaign of Fellows 2016
CSLA Campaign of Fellows 2015 
CSLA Campaign of Fellows 2014 [PDF] 
CSLA Campaign of Fellows 2013[PDF]

Thank you for contributing!


IMAGE: Congres 2013 _ Fellows | photo: Jean Landry