LACF National Scholarships

Two New National Scholarships for 2020!

In 2020, LACF launches two new National Scholarships for LA students across Canada including: 

1. Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship*

2. National Indigenous Scholarship in Landscape Architecture. 

*Postponement of the Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to confirm that while the LACF is still operational, the Executive Committee has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 edition of the inaugural Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship. The postponement of the scholarship is a result of the challenges for all of the participants who might be preparing submissions, adjudicating the review and facilitating the award. Given the state of emergency and its unknown duration, LACF will reset the timelines once this unprecedented emergency is resolved.

1. Launching the Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship*

Illustration of the TOWN OF MOUNT ROYAL- MODEL CITY as designed by Frederick Gage Todd, c. 1912, Source: Town of Mount Royal Archives 

The FGT scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skill and commitment directed to the advancement of Canadian landscapes through the practice of landscape architecture. LACF SCHOLARSHIP TASK FORCE 

Context and Description 

LACF is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship (FGTNS). One prize of $10 000 will be awarded in Summer 2020 to an outstanding Canadian student enrolled in a CSLA-accredited program of landscape architecture. This scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates exceptional knowledge, skill and commitment directed to the advancement of Canadian landscapes through the practice of landscape architecture.

LACF established this award to:

  • recognize and encourage outstanding scholars who are preparing for entry into the profession;
  • champion design for ecosystem health and human well-being; and
  • celebrate the legacy of Frederick Gage Todd, a founder of the landscape architecture profession in Canada.


* Students must apply for this scholarship. 

Students eligible for this scholarship are those who in Fall 2020 will be entering their final year in an accredited Master of Landscape Architecture program at a Canadian university. Exceptional students in an accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program in Canada who will be entering their final year may also apply. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or provide proof of permanent resident status in Canada.

For more complete information about requiremments and procedures, applicants are invited to view and download the following pdf documents: 

Evaluation Criteria

The winner of the Todd Scholarship will possess the social and environmental awareness as well as the design ability necessary to address society’s aspirations for sustainable ecosystems and healthy human habitats. This will be gauged by evaluating the students' professional understanding, ability, motivation and skill in communication as provided in their application submission.

  • Professional understanding will be evaluated by the applicant's awareness, comprehension and responsiveness to environmental and social influences on landscapes as reflected in principles espressed in the Canadian Landscape Charter (CLC | CCP)
  • Ability will be judged by the applicant’s demonstrated skill in analysis, concept development, planning and design.
  • Motivation will be measured by the applicant’s academic and professional performance, involvement in extracurricular and professional activities, as well as current career and future plans.
  • Communication skill will be assessed by the applicant’s ability to communicate professionally and effectively in written and graphic forms.

Award Adjudication

LACF will appoint a professional jury to conduct a blind review of applicant submissions and nominate the winner of the 2020 Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship.


  • May 1, 2020 /    Application deadline
  • May-June 2020 /   Adjudication of award
  • August 2020 /    Announcement of scholarship recipient
  • September 2020 /    50% of funds released
  • January 2021 /    Remaining funds released

Formal recognition of the scholarship award winner will be made at the CSLA Congress in 2021. 


Questions may be submitted to the LACF | FAPC Scholarship Committee Chair at: with the subject line: FGTNS Inquiry

Who was Frederick Gage Todd? 

Todd c. 1909, Mccord Museum Archives . CREDITS_ Wm. Notman & Son, Copyright: © Musée McCord, Source : McCord Museum, #II-175018

For nearly half a century Frederick G. Todd planned, designed and carried out "public and private works of beautification and utility with nature herself as partner." He was the first resident landscape architect in Canada and for most of his professional life was one of only a small number of landscape architects and town planners committed to the art and practice of structuring urban growth in the first half of this century throughout Canada.  A published author, Todd was a passionate advocate of the wise use of the natural resource base and he devoted much time and energy to a variety of civic institutions and professional organisations.  

Learn more 

2. National Indigenous Scholarship in Landscape Architecture * 

Context and Description 

During the June 2019 CSLA-BCSLA Congress developped around the theme of Truth and Reconciliation, attending members were challenged to create a Legacy project by establishing an Indigenous Scholarship in Canada. People rose spontaneously to the challenge by pledging over $30,000 towards this initiative thereby fully endowing a scholarship fund for an annual award of $1,000.  Both CSLA and LACF have made a commitment to improving capacity and support for Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples through landscape architecture. The National Indigenous Scholarship in Landscape Architecture is awarded to an Indigenous landscape architecture student who exemplifies the principles of leadership, creativity and empowerment of Indigenous people and their landscapes through research, design, and/or engagement. The inaugural scholarship scheduled for 2020.

Award Criteria and Process 

The scholarship criteria and application procedures are currently being developped by a special task force and the LACF Scholarship Committee. Information will be posted when available.  

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