Congratulations to our 2019 Scholars

The LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CANADA FOUNDATION (LACF) is the leading source of scholarships for landscape architecture students in Canada. In 2019, the Foundation invested close to $15,000 in scholarship awards recognizing 14 students across the country for their superior academic performance, leadership skills, and original design work and research.  The LACF Board extends congratulations to all our 2019 exceptional scholars! 

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2019 Scholars 

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Kendra Cheesman
University of Guelph
Kendra Cheesman / Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship and LACF University of Guelph Scholarhip_ MLA

Congratulations to Kendra Cheesman who received two scholarships in 2019. The Klynstra Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student from Atlantic region entering the second or later year of landscape architectural study in a recognized LA program in Canada. Kendra was recognized for her excellent grades, her active interest in professional activities and her expressed intention to practice in Atlantic Canada. 

KC / "I am honoured to receive this Scholarship dedicated to the scholarly and community engaged work of Atlantic Canadian landscape architect, Peter Klynstra.  As I enter a field that works at the intersections of design, health, reconciliation, and mitigating climate crisis impacts, I promise to centre the experiences and elevate the voices of communities that are too often pushed out of decision making processes."

She also received the 2019 LACF University of Guelph Scholarship. An engaged student in the MLA program and on campus, Kendra has demonstrated a high level of scholarship. Currently, she is managing a post-occupancy evaluation of the Guelph Enabling Garden for the University’s Community Engaged Scholarship Institute.  Kendra is a student member of the OALA and CIP and is a board member for the Ontario Public Health Association.  Her MLA research is on understanding the experience of urban landscape for people with Dysautonomia, with the goal of making recommendations to landscape architects when designing for disabilities. Kendra demonstrates skill and rigour in research while communicating outcomes in a creative manner.

KC /  "Design is personal. As a disabled designer, the built environment acts as either a barrier or connection to my community and to people and places I care about. Landscape architects have the privilege and duty to lead our communities at the intersections of health, climate crisis, and design. Leadership means equity in representation. It means listening and following through on promises. I am filled with gratitude to the MLA Committee, my mentor Dr. Karen Landman, family, friends, and my partner. Your support is everything."

Selena DeWolf
Dalhousie University
Selena DeWolf / Atlantic Landscape LACF Dalhousie Scholarship

Selena DeWolf is a truly outstanding third year student of LA technology at Dalhousie University. She’s demonstrated academic excellence, played an active role in a variety of student societies and been a catalyst for creative life on campus and in her home community of Petit de Grat, Cape Breton Island. Selena brings enthusiasm and determination to all she undertakes and shows great promise for a career in landscape architecture.

SD / "I am sincerely grateful to be this year’s recipient of the 2019 Atlantic Landscape LACF Dalhousie Scholarship. This generous award will help fund my path to a future Master’s degree. As a Landscape Architecture student and student leader, I will continue to push myself to exceed expectations in both my personal and professional life. I look forward to making a difference in my future career within the Atlantic Provinces.This award will allow me to worry less about the cost of tuition and focus more on my studies and extra-curricular interests. My goal is to earn a Masters’ degree following my under-gradate here at Dalhousie and this generous award will help fund that path… I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life as a Landscape Architect in the Atlantic Provinces once I graduate.”  

Amélie Fortin
Université de Montréal
Amélie Fortin / Danièle Routaboule Bourse de Voyage

Amélie Fortin holds a bachelor's degree in environmental studies from Laval University and is a master's candidate at the University of Montreal. She is the 2019 recipient of the inaugural Daniéle Routaboule Travel Scholarship. Both her academic results and her portfolio demonstrate her interest and ability to integrate scientific research into the practice of landscape architecture. She proposes to study the work of Gilles Clément, a well known author of many works related to the importance of plant material and the development of environmental and cultural gardens based on his theory of the Garden in motion. In addition, Mr. Clément has a large number of private and public spaces, such as the Citroën Garden in Paris. Amélie intends to concentrate her travel efforts in France and mainly in Paris.

EF /  "I am grateful to receive this grant, because for me, travel is formative both personally and professionally. It will therefore be a great opportunity to explore new landscape projects and new gardens in a completely different city. This trip will certainly be inspiring and I thank Mrs. Routaboule, the school and the Foundation for this unique opportunity. I decided to study in landscape architecture in order to design creative and sensitive spaces for the community, while trying to solve environmental issues at the same time. I am very happy that my studies allow me to travel."

Tan Au Ca Nyugen
Université de Montréal
Tan Au Ca Nyugen / FAPC 50e Anniversaire de l'AAPQ

Tan Au Ca Nguyen mène ses études à la maîtrise en architecture de paysage avec brio. Elle a démontré durant son parcours un savoir-faire remarquable en design, en mettant tous les acquis de sa formation au service d’une démarche à la fois rigoureuse, critique, souple et créative. Sa démarche fait preuve de finesse et d’un haut degré d’approfondissement. De plus, le travail de Tan Au Ca est mu par les réflexions qu’elle poursuit d’elle-même sur les pratiques de l’architecture de paysage, en s’appuyant sur des textes et autres ressources pertinentes aux questions qui lui paraissent importantes. Félicitations! 

TACN / "C’est un honneur pour moi d’être parmi les lauréats d’une telle distinction. Apprendre le métier d’architecte paysagiste est pour moi un privilège. Privilège d’avoir trouvé sur mon parcours de vie un métier aussi poétique, rigoureux et diversifié; et d’être entourée de créateurs aussi passionnés et surtout inspirants. J’aspire à enrichir la discussion sur la contribution de notre métier dans le développement de nos sociétés et territoires. La reconnaissance de la part de mes professeurs et de la FAPC me confirme que je suis sur la bonne voie et m’encourage à continuer.  Alors merci!"

Michael Wideman
University of Toronto
Michael Wideman / LACF University of Toronto

Michael Wideman is the top student in the graduating class at the University of Toronto, Master of Landscape Architecture Program. Over the last two years, Michael has consistently demonstrated excellence in design, writing, and verbal communication. He is the recipient of several in-course awards for his design excellence and overall academic performance. His work exhibits intellectual rigour, creativity, technical skills, and high commitment and enthusiasm for the discipline of Landscape Architecture. Michael also demonstrates strength in leadership through his kindness and collegial manner, particularly evident in the successful outcomes of group work. 

MW / "Landscape architecture is such a rare profession. Few occupations combine such left and right brained thinking – something as analytical as ecology and creative as design. As we discern how to best navigate a future of climate change, resource scarcity, and environmental degradation, I’m excited by how landscape architecture equips me with the skills and thinking needed to be a meaningful part of this conversation. I am so pleased to receive this award as it provides me with both financial support and encouragement to continue advancing the ideals of our community."

Grace Christie
University of Guelph
Grace Christie / LACF University of Guelph_ BLA

Grace is a 4th year student in the BLA program. She is highly ranked within her class and has maintained excellent overall marks. Grace is a well-rounded student with strong proficiencies in all aspects of her program including design and technical courses. She displays leadership skills with her collaborative team effort in her design courses. She is also very involved in various community service programs at the University of Guelph and in the Guelph community. Grace also completed an Internship with the City of Niagara Falls this past winter and has gained important professional experience.

GC / "It is an honour to be the recipient of this award. Design work is not always easy but this recognition is a push of encouragement to continue learning and refining my skills. I see design as an opportunity to challenge your imagination while drawing upon both research and experience to form sensible solutions. It requires a fine balance of creativity and practicality, that I continuously work hard to find. I am incredibly grateful to have received this support from the landscape architecture community as I continue my education and begin my career."

Beth Bray
University of Guelph_BLA
Beth Bray / LACF Alain LaMontagne Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

Beth is a 4th year student in the BLA program at Guelph and recipient of the inaugural Alain LaMontagne Scholarship for a student enrolled in this program. She is the top-ranked student in her co-hart. Beth is an outstanding design student and a committed community member. She also recently completed an Internship with Urban Strategies Inc. in Toronto which gave her valuable practical experience. Beth has strong leadership qualities as evidenced by her passion for sustainability and environmental design. She is enthusiastic about the ASLA Adapt Now initiative and the role that landscape architects play in the era of climate change. She is dedicated to start a Canadian chapter of the #AdaptNow platform. Beth was awarded a 2019 Mellon Colloquium Student Award to attend the Interpreting Landscapes of Enslavement session on October 25, 2019, at the Garden and Landscape Studies Colloquium, Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC.

BB / "My time spent living in large urban areas across Canada sparked an initial interest in the importance of city design. Through the program, this interest quickly developed into a full-fledged passion. My last three and a half years in the program have deepened my appreciation of the importance that landscape architecture has in developing engaging, inclusive social urban fabrics integrated within a sustainable ecological infrastructure.  Winning this award is a huge personal achievement. As such, I would like to thank the University of Guelph and LACF for recognizing my personal commitment to both the program and the profession."

Nicole Reenders
University of Manitoba
Nicole Reenders / LACF Andre Schwabenbauer University of Manitoba Scholarship

Nicole Reenders has shown significant achievements throughout her landscape architectural studies at the University of Manitoba: cohesive, elegant, proportionate and informative work in a range of scales. She has a great ability to focus and her designs reflects a keen intellect as well as a refined sensibility. Nicole is not afraid to tackle technical issues and she does so carefully and effectively. Her textual explanations serve to compliment rather than supplant the design drawings and images. The thoughtfulness and sensitivity in her designs shows from general concept to details. Clearly rigorous work.

NR / "With undergraduate work in language studies, environmental science, and architecture, I was initially drawn to landscape architecture as a multidisciplinary field that incorporated my many interests. Since then, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to use both technical and artistic thinking in my work. Throughout my studies, I have developed an interest in regenerative food systems, environmental education, and Manitoba’s prairie ecosystem. I am very honoured to receive this award. André Schwabenbauer’s dedication and passion for the discipline of landscape architecture is inspiring, and I will strive to honour his legacy as I move forward in my work."

Mengyi Zhang
University of Toronto
Mengyi Zhang / SALA Academic Award

Mengyi (Nancy) Zhang is one of three candidates recognized with a SALA Academic Award in 2019.  Mengyi was selected through an application procedure that recognizes academic standing, qualities of character, leadership skills, participation in student & community activities as well as level of experience in the field and level of education attained.

MZ / " It is undeniable that climate change is one of the critical issues facing the world. As an aspiring landscape architect, I strongly believe that our field could shift us to a carbon neutral future. I am particularly interested in the water-efficient design to reduce stormwater run off. In the Prairie Pothole Region of our province Saskatchewan, the function of our prairie wetland is impacted by the significant changes in the climate. My graduate thesis focuses on Prairie wetland remediation and restoration within the Prairie Pothole Region in the City of Saskatoon. Through a water-sensitive design, I hope my approach could improve urban resiliency and allow our future communities to better adapt to climate change."

Christina Peace
University of Calgary
Christina Peace / SALA Academic Award

Christina is one of three candidates recognized with a SALA Academic Award in 2019.  She was selected through an application process.   What made her stand above and beyond her excellent academic marks was her work experience for 4 summers with landscape construction and maintenance firms in combination with her educational background that includes a fine arts degree. Christina is also an avid traveller and outdoors person, with a love and appreciation of the Saskatchewan landscape. 

CP / "I study landscape architecture because it allows me to be curious and the freedom to learn about a variety of topics. I grew to be especially interested in stormwater management and ecological design during a green infrastructure course in early 2019. In the future, I hope to work on increasing the implementation of green infrastructure within our cities.  I am grateful to receive this award because I am proud of my Saskatchewan roots and happy to be supported by the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects."

Kathryn McCudden
University of Manitoba
Kathryn McCudden / SALA Academic Award

Kathryn McCudden is in her final year at the University of Manitoba and one of three 2019 Scholars recognized with a SALA Academic Award.  Kathryn had the highest marks, numerous academic awards and interesting volunteer experience. Her references were all excellent. Most notably from 2014-2016 Kathryn was a founding member and chairperson of the Hiroshima Jet Scholarship Fund an award for junior high and high school students in Japan to allow them to study abroad. 

KM / "I am currently working on my master’s degree at the University of Manitoba, and I am so grateful to receive this award from the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects.  It is wonderful to feel the support of the community of landscape architects in my home province, and their contributions to my education are very much appreciated.  My practicum research is focused on the prairie landscape, and on social and ecological intersections, and I hope that one day I can use my education to contribute to the landscape I grew up in and love."

Thu Ngo
University of Calgary
Thu Ngo / LACF / University of Calgary

Ms. Thu Ngo is an excellent student who has earned the highest grade point average in the University of Calgary MLA degree program. Thu’s studio work consistently demonstrates, thoughtful, creative and original design thinking and her ability to represent her innovative solutions to studio problem solving and form creation is of consistently high quality in multiple mediums. She has demonstrated her ability to integrate technical skills, digital skills, critical thinking, site analysis, ecological processes, human behavioral use of space, context, form making, and representational techniques into her design work and is highly regarded by MLA Program faculty members and her peers. 

TN / "Believing that landscapes tell stories and acknowledging the power of landscape architecture in our future sustainability, I feel passionate about ecological design. My projects strive to enhance the public realm to bring people and nature together, to celebrate the complexities and beauty of the everyday, and thus to reinforce the cultural and physical fabric of our cities. Being the 2019 University of Calgary Scholarship recipient motivates me to see Alberta as the starting point of my career journey, where I can pursue my passion with the consent of challenging myself, believing that difficulties just act as catalysts on the way to success."

Mason Lam
University of BC
Mason Lam / BCSLA Robillard LACF Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

Mason is outstanding in his sensitivity to design and representation at small scales. He is observant of details, material, planting and their interactions towards achieving the project’s goal. He is passionate, dedicated, and hardworking.

ML / " Through my career as an aquarium biologist, I have used the weird and the wonderful to create underwater landscapes. This experience has informed my approach as a landscape architecture student; my designs focus on biology and social justice, and always have an element of humour. Landscapes should spark the imagination. My first year in the MLA Program at University of British Columbia has been an interesting, challenging, and rewarding experience, made possible by my inspiring instructors and co-hort.

Karen Tomkins
University of BC
Karen Tomkins / LACF UBC Scholarship

Karen has a strong commitment to making the environment better and participating with people towards achieving her environmental goals. She is a strong advocate for the profession in making a difference in local communities. Her passion for the environment is admirable and contagious.

Bio /  Karen comes to UBCs MLA program with a background in ecosystem management. Her lifelong interest in the natural world lead her to study landscape architecture as a powerful means to affect change. Her focus of interest is in reintegrating humans into the ecological systems of the planet. Her research centers around soil biology as the foundation for health and resilience across scales and across species. As well as researching indigenous ecological practices as sophisticated examples of environmental engineering rooted in direct observation of and connection with place.