LACF Bursaries

Research is the creation of knowledge which leads to new and efficient solutions for society  - Shiv Nadar

Research with a Focus 

A bursary is a financial award offered to LA practitioners, affiliates, community groups or students in support of directed research about a specific area or dimension of landscape architecture. LACF bursary awards are administered through the Annual Grants Program and adjudication process with bursary endowments providing funds towards a specific area of research.  

Research applicants submitting proposals can specify that they wish to be considered for funding from a specific bursary.  All grant proposals are reviewed by a National Jury to ensure that they meet the general grant criteria and the jury then determines whether a project is eligible for bursary funding based on the more specific criteria relative to the different bursaries. More than one applicant may receive bursary funding within the upset of the total bursary amount. As well, applicants who receive bursary funding remain eligible for additional funding from the general grants fund. 

LACF is interested in partnering with forward-thinking parties on new research initiatives that focus on the challenges and compelling issues at the forefront of the profession today. Support to grow existing bursary funds or to establish additional ones across new lines of investigation are invited. 

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Existing bursaries focus on history, communication & the North

Existing Bursary Funds

LACF currently manages three directed-research bursary endowment funds. Each fund was initiated by an individual party or group and developed in partnership with LACF and each bursary focusses on a particular dimension or theme aligned with the mission of the Foundation. 

1. Günter A. Schoch Bursary / History of the Profession 

The Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects (MALA), in collaboration with LACF, established the Günter A. Schoch Bursary in 1994. It is awarded annually to a proposal, which expands the historical record of the profession and was designated to offer bursaries “for landscape architectural research into the history and status of the profession in Canada, including its organizations and notable practitioners.”  

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2. Northern Research Bursary / North of the 55th parallel 

The proposal to create a Northern Research Bursary Fund under the auspices of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF), was initiated by the North West Territories Association of Landscape Architects (NWTALA) in 2017 with an aim to promote interest in and advancement of research in northern Canada. This bursary intends to disburse awards of up to $5,000 until depletion and was not established to become a fully endowed fund.

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3. Donald Graham Bursary / Communication

The Donald Graham Bursary is awarded to communication projects that promote and advance knowledge about the core values of the profession of landscape architecture. This bursary was established in 2018 by the Graham family in collaboration with LACF in memoriam of Donald Graham, a longstanding practitioner, an advocate of the profession of Landscape architecture and one of the founding members of LACF.  The inaugural bursary award is for $1,000 however the intention is to grow this fund through sponsorship and additional support to eventually provide a sustainable annual award of $2,500.

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Supporters of  LACF Bursaries share in LACF's vision of believing in the power of landscapes to transform our common future. LACF is grateful to the visionary individuals and groups that have initiated and championed these endowment funds and for the support of the many individuals who have contributed to making them grow. 

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