Selected Recent Grants

LACF is proud to present…

Our Showcase Gallery of selected Grants provides an overview of different and inspiring LACF-seeded initiatives that support the values of the profession of Landscape Architecture.

# Year Recipient Project $ Admin
152 2019 Dr. Alan Tate Landmarks in Landscape Architecture $5 000
151 2019 H. Braiden, M. Eaton, S. Herrington, K. Landman, A. North, E. Dall’Ara, N.Valois Studio Problématiques: Thinking Critically about Canadian landscapes $4 500
150 2019 Emilia Hurd and Julia Smachylo Undone - The Return to Earth $6,500
149 2019 Tiffany Kaewen Dang, PhD Candidate, UK Dispossession by Design: Recovering the role of landscape architects in the early colonial history of national parks in Canada $6,000
148 2019 Desiree Valadares, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley The Reparative Logics of World War II Confinement Camp Preservation $5 000
147 2019 Emily Thorpe (student intern) with Virginia Burt Literature Review on Therapeutic Gardens and Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders $2 000
146 2019 Thevishka Kanishkan, MLA Candidate, University of Toronto Developing a framework for iterative place-making in Canada’s North $2,000
145 2019 Aiden Fudge, MLA Candidate, U of Guelph Memory, Place & Change on the Tantramar Marshes $1,500
144 2019 Kira Burger, MLA Candidate, U of Guelph Urban Abundance: Alternative Future Landscape Scenarios $2,000