Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship

Illustration of the TOWN OF MOUNT ROYAL- MODEL CITY as designed by Frederick Gage Todd, c. 1912, Source: Town of Mount Royal Archives 

Context and Description 

One prize of $10 000 will be awarded in Summer 2021 to an outstanding Canadian student enrolled in a CSLA-accredited program of landscape architecture. This scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates exceptional knowledge, skill and commitment directed to the advancement of Canadian landscapes through the practice of landscape architecture.

LACF established this award to:

  • recognize and encourage outstanding scholars who are preparing for entry into the profession;
  • champion design for ecosystem health and human well-being; and
  • celebrate the legacy of Frederick Gage Todd, a founder of the landscape architecture profession in Canada.


* Students must apply for this scholarship. 

Students eligible for this scholarship are those who in Fall 2021 will be entering their final year in an accredited Master of Landscape Architecture program at a Canadian university. Exceptional students in an accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program in Canada who will be entering their final year may also apply. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or Permanent residents of Canada.

More information and application procedures will be available soon

Who was Frederick Gage Todd? 

Todd c. 1909, Mccord Museum Archives . CREDITS_ Wm. Notman & Son, Copyright: © Musée McCord, Source : McCord Museum, #II-175018

For nearly half a century Frederick G. Todd planned, designed and carried out "public and private works of beautification and utility with nature herself as partner." He was the first resident landscape architect in Canada and for most of his professional life was one of only a small number of landscape architects and town planners committed to the art and practice of structuring urban growth in the first half of this century throughout Canada.  A published author, Todd was a passionate advocate of the wise use of the natural resource base and he devoted much time and energy to a variety of civic institutions and professional organisations.