Setting targets

Over the last 25 years, funding to support LACF programs and activities has been made possible through the generous donations of the CSLA Fellows, CSLA component associations, individual and group donors and bequests to the Foundation. Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1988, donations have exceeded $550,000 including a substantial bequest of almost $225,000 from the Frances Blue Estate.

LACF’s long-term objective is to make ongoing activities self-supporting through the Foundation’s investment funds.  LACF has a professionally managed portfolio of equities and fixed income investments.  The investment philosophy focuses on protection of capital while achieving a modest return on investment. The Board of LACF sets financial targets for each of its major funds to ensure ongoing support for key activities into the future.

The LACF Annual Report provides additional detail on income, investments and expenditures and recognizes individuals and organisations who have donated generously over the year.