LACF-FAPC Lauréat(e)s

Félicitations aux Lauréat(e)s 2018 

The LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CANADA FOUNDATION (LACF) is the leading source of scholarships for landscape architecture students in Canada. In 2018, the Foundation invested close to $15,000 and awarded 14 scholarships that recognize students across the country for superior academic performance, leadership skills, and original design work and research.  On behalf of the LACF Board, we extend congratulations to all our 2018 exceptional scholars! 

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2018 Scholars 

Beth Bray
University of Guelph
Beth Bray / Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship Award

Beth Bray, a third year University of Guelph student, is the recipient of the 2018 Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship. Beth considers her roots to be in Nova Scotia where she spent most of her childhood. She intends to pursue a job with a Maritimes firm that gives attention to regional heritage, cultural preservation and research in their work. Winning this award means the world to Beth. It allows her to better concentrate on her studies and serves as a significant recognition from the Maritimes: the place she considers home.

Tara Kehler
Dalhousie University
Tara Kehler / Atlantic Landscape Dalhousie Scholarship

“I am very excited to be the recipient of this award, confirming my sense of belonging in the field of Landscape Architecture. Having moved and travelled extensively in my youth, I am aware of many cultures and spaces which inspire my work. My current focus is in designing accessible spaces, specifically for elderly people, to encourage outdoor activities and enhance human well-being.  Landscape Architecture is the perfect blend of my two passions: horticulture and art that inform my work.”

Amélie Fortin
U de Montréal
Amélie Fortin / 50e anniversaire de l'AAPQ

Amélie Fortin est titulaire d’un baccalauréat intégré en environnement naturel et aménagé à l’Université Laval et candidate à la maitrise, Université de Montréal.  Elle recoit la bourse d'études inaugurale du 50e anniversaire de l'AAPQ.  Félicitations! 

“L’obtention de cette bourse représente une très belle reconnaissance et je suis enchantée que mon travail se soit démarqué. Cela montre que mes efforts ont porté fruit… j’ai trouvé ma profession, celle qui me permettra dans un premier temps, d’épanouir mon côté créatif en concevant des espaces sensibles, diversifiés, agréables et durables qui répondent aux besoins de la collectivité et, dans un second temps, de tenter de résoudre certains enjeux environnementaux.”

Nour Mahfou
U de Montréal
Nour Mahfou / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Née en 1993 au Liban et diplômée en baccalauréat et maîtrise en architecture à l’Université Libanaise de Beyrouth, Nour est arrivée au Québec il y a deux ans, à la recherche de nouveaux défis. “Je suis très honorée de recevoir cette bourse, elle revêt une importance dans le sens où la direction de l’école, avec la FAPC font l’effort de reconnaître et apprécier les étudiants studieux et mettre en valeur leur potentiels. Á cet égard, j’aimerais remercier mes professeurs qui m’ont aidé à donner de mon mieux, surtout au niveau du design. Cette bourse constitue une motivation pour moi.

Kaja MacDonald
U of Guelph, MLA
Kaja MacDonald / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Kaja McDonald is in the third year of the University of Guelph MLA program. Her design work demonstrates attention to detail and quality of thought throughout the design process. She is helpful and approachable, with a sense of playfulness and fun. Kaja’s thesis research investigates how communication theory aligns with landscape architecture processes to identify strengths and weaknesses in design. She is a volunteer park advocate with Evergreen and a professional facilitator and is enthusiastic about the role landscape architects play in uniting disciplines and responding to environmental challenges and communication strategies.

Jeryn Mackey
U of Guelph, BLA
Jeryn Mackey / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Jeryn Mackey comes from Fort St. John, a resource municipality located in northeast B.C. In the fourth year of the BLA program at the University of Guelph, she has a strong academic record and is a member of Sigma Lambda Alpha, the Honor Society of Landscape Architecture. Working with Urban Systems, Ltd, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm in western Canada, has sparked her interest in design and planning. Jeryn is passionate about improving liveability in small communities. Her thesis work is focused on gender sensitive design and women’s safety. 

Aaron Hernandez
U of Toronto
Aaron Hernandez / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Aaron’s design work has consistently demonstrated equal measure of rigor and imagination that make for rich and nuanced, perspectives on the role of design in ecological and social processes. As research assistant, he has been instrumental in generating visual tools to enable interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral dialogue. He has also served as mentor in a newly launched Indigenous youth summer program intended to introduce high school students to architecture, landscape architecture, environmental conservation, and traditional teachings. Aaron works with the Ecological Design Lab, is a teaching assistant for a graduate-level course and a member of the editorial board of the OALA magazine, Ground.

Elmira Sanati Nia
U of Manitoba
Elmira Sanati Nia / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Prior to moving to Canada, Elmira was a high-performing architecture graduate (Iran) and has adapted remarkably well to life and to studying in Winnipeg.  She has maintained a high GPA here and demonstrated an adept transition from working with buildings to planning and design work for broad regions and for large urban sites. A particular strength is her ability to conceive of outdoor spaces in terms of the human experience. In her final year at the University of Manitoba  she is working on her practicum, “Ruins: The Aesthetics of Ambiguity,” under the supervision of Prof. Alan Tate. 

Justin Bhatia
University of Calgary
Justin Bhatia / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Justin is a true student leader, actively contributing to committees and events. He demonstrates integrity, a strong willingness to learn and improve his design skills and knowledge, a sense of humour, genuine interpersonal communication skills and a willingness to work with others in a positive and effective manner. Receiving the LACF Andre Schwabenbauer award allowed him to participate in a study abroad opportunity in Norway, examining winter city design and climate change adaptation, for which he is truly grateful. Given his diverse background and skills, Justin is interested in enhancing ecological connectivity through linear systems that choreograph experience and connect people to place.

Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson / SALA Academic Award

Rebecca was born and raised in Saskatoon where she received an honours degree in Geography from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently in her third year of the MLA program at the University of British Columbia, where she focuses on the history and theory of landscape representation. Rebecca was honoured to receive the 2017- 2018 SALA Academic Award and is excited to see the discipline and practice of Landscape Architecture continue to grow in Saskatchewan. 

Kathryn McCudden
U of Manitoba
Kathryn McCudden / SALA 30th Anniversary Award

After completing a BA in Philosophy at the University of Regina, Kathryn taught English in Japan and France for several years before returning to pursue an MLA at the University of Manitoba. Her research interests include prairie conservation, why and how we value landscapes, and whether social ontology can be applied in a meaningful way to landscape architecture. Kathryn is very grateful to receive the SALA 30th Anniversary Academic Award. She says that of all the places to which she is attached, Saskatchewan is the landscape she loves the most, and it means a lot  to be recognized by SALA.

Erin Boa-Brown
Erin Boa-Brown / UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

Erin Boa-Brown is receiving the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation scholarship in recognition of her true commitment to landscape architecture as a creative and theoretical endeavor which maintains a recognition that theory impacts practice.  She also demonstrates a strong dedication to the field and has clearly shown positive outcomes of critically challenging our established perspectives and seeking new modes of practice.  She has demonstrated her strength as a persistent researcher, a creative thinker, and a sensitive designer. She is honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of this award, and hopes it continues to inspire creativity and curiosity in the field of landscape architecture. 

Lee Patola
BCSLA Robillard Scholarship 
Lee Patola / BCSLA Robillard Scholarship 

Lee is entering her second year at UBC as part of the Dual Degree Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture Program. Her interest in the worlds of film informed her intention to create unique experiences in the urban landscape. Lee previously completed a BFA in Film Production from UBC. She is currently participating in an internship as part of the MITACS program regarding the impacts of sea level rise on the Fraser River Delta. Lee is honoured to have been chosen to receive the LACF Raoul Robillard Scholarship and is looking forward to continuing her education and explorations.

Celia Winter
Celia Winter / Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award

Celia Winters is a MLA candidate at the UBC. A multidisciplinary designer and artist with a background in communication and design, Celia transplanted to Vancouver a decade ago to pursue her creative profession and to enjoy the active outdoor lifestyle. Through her work, Celia is continually exploring how design can influence and benefit the built environment for the people and systems that reside within them. The Schwabenbauer Scholarship has allowed her to focus on her thesis studies by supporting her financially during her academic pursuits. Upon graduation this May, she hopes to intern abroad for a couple years before getting licensed and possibly starting her own practice.

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