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New Award honours Frederick Gage Todd

Beaver Lake, Mount Royal Park, Montreal was designed by Frederick Gage Todd / credit McCord Museum

In just 3 years, LACF surpassed their goal of “one scholarship for every accredited LA program in Canada” and transformed their scholarship program from a single annual award to 15 scholarships overall _  LACF October 2018


In July 2018, the LACF Board voted to create a new national and extra-significant scholarship. The LACF-FAPC Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship will recognize a Canadian student of landscape architecture who has clearly demonstrated potential to make significant contributions to the landscape architecture profession and Canada. The criteria and application procedure are currently being developed and will be posted when complete. The inaugural scholarship is to be awarded in 2020. 


This new and nationally significant scholarship award, aimed at a minimum of $5,000 annually, will honour the memory and work of Frederick Gage Todd (March 11, 1876 - February 15, 1948).  Todd is the first resident landscape architect in Canada.

Award Criteria and Process 

The criteria and award process are under development by the Scholarship Committee and will be posted as they become available.  Students will be required to apply.

Who was Frederick Gage Todd? 

Frederick Gage Todd c. 1940, source unknown 

For nearly half a century Frederick G. Todd planned, designed and carried out "public and private works of beautification and utility with nature herself as partner." He was the first resident landscape architect in Canada and for most of his professional life was one of only a small number of landscape architects and town planners committed to the art and practice of structuring urban growth in the first half of this century throughout Canada.  A published author, Todd was a passionate advocate of the wise use of the natural resource base and he devoted much time and energy to a variety of civic institutions and professional organisations. > Learn more 

Seeking support

Fundraising efforts to endow the Todd Scholarship begin in 2019. LACF is currently seeking sponsors for this extra significant scholarship award. Interested in becoming an LACF sponsor and investing in students and the future? Learn more about our sponsor opportunities or contact LACF Fundraising Committee Chair, Gerry Eckford to discuss the terms and benefits of partnering with LACF on this important initiative. 

Contact: Gerry Eckford > gerry@etala.ca

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