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Regional partners step up for students   

Students at Dalhousie University / Image: Nick Pierce 

Our LA students will be the catalysts for positive local and global change for the 21st century_ U of Calgary 

14 Regional scholarships and growing...

LACF is proud to collaborate with CSLA component associations, regional organisations, universities and individuals to host a growing number of partnered scholarships across the country.  Financial awards of varying amounts are now available to students enrolled in each accredited LA program Canada. In most cases, university faculty members will identify and propose candidates based on general criteria as outlined in the individual scholarship descriptions that follow. An * following the name of the award indicates that students must apply to be considered.  

Regional representatives, individuals and allied groups have championed local fundraising initiatives towards establishing these scholarships in parnership with LACF. LACF administers the funds and celebrates our scholars at award ceremonies across the country and on our website. Consult the list of scholarships below by region to learn more.  

List of scholarships by region:

> Atlantic Provinces

  • Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship *
  • Atlantic Landscape / Dalhousie Scholarship *

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> Québec

  • Bourse d’étude du 50ième anniversaire de l’AAPQ 

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> Ontario 

  • University of Guelph MLA
  • University of Guelph BLA 
  • Alain Lamontagne (Guelph BLA )
  • University of Toronto MLA

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> Manitoba

  • Andre Schwabenbauer - U of M / MALA Scholarship 

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> Saskatchewan 

  • SALA Academic Award*

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> Alberta

  • Andre Schwabenbauer NAIT Scholarship * (for NAIT student to transfer to an accredited program) 
  • University of Calgary MLA 

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> British Columbia

  • UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture  
  • BCSLA Robillard Scholarship in Landscape Architecture 

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* (Students need apply) 


LACF is grateful for the generosity of LACF champions and partners across the country who are stepping up to establish scholarships for each Canadian accredited LA program and beyond. Financial support towards scholarship will help today's students to become tomorrow's leaders.  Thank you.

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