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LACF-FAPC Scholarships in British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers an accredited landscape architecture program in the School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture (SALA).  There are currently 2 LACF-FAPC Scholarships dedicated to this program.  

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> UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture 


This fully endowed scholarship fund was established in 2015 thanks to the generosity of members and friends of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA). The award will help the UBC LA program to attract and retain smart and talented candidates, our future landscape architects.


In 2016, an inaugural scholarship of $1,500 was awarded to a student studying Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. It has been awarded yearly since. 


This scholarship is to be offered annually to a student in the second or third year of the UBC Master of Landscape Architecture program who has demonstrated design creativity and commitment to sustainability, ecosystem biodiversity, sustainable food systems, resource management and/or community building. The University Faculty identifies a candidate who exemplifies the objectives of the scholarship and the nomination is reviewed and approved by LACF.

Timeline and award process 

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  • 2018: Erin Boa Brown / UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture 
  • 2018: Celia Winters / Shwabenbauer Scholarship / UBC 
  • 2017: Taylor Boisjoli                   
  • 2016: Caylee Dyck     


  • LACF is grateful to the following members of BCSLA and generous founding supporters of the Scholarship in Landscape Architecture at UBC including  
  • $5000 + / BCSLA, Durante Kreuk Ltd., Joe Fry, Paul Sanga / $2,500 + / Peter Kreuk, Margot Long, C. Oberlander, Chris Phillips / $1,000.00 + / Alan Duncan, Jane Durante, Jerry Eckford, Cynthia Girling, Neufeld / $500.00 + / Ron Kellet / $250 + / Cole Hendrigan, J Hicks

> BCSLA Robillard Scholarship in Landscape Architecture 


The Robillard Scholarship was originally established by the BCSLA in 1982 to honor the memory of BC Landscape Architect, Raoul Robillard. In January 2018, this endowment fund was transferred to LACF.  The Foundation is honoured to administer this scholarship into the future in collaboration with BCSLA.


The BCSLA ROBILLARD | LACF Scholarship awards $1,000 and a BCSLA Student Membership to a deserving candidate entering second year in the UBC Landscape Architecture program. 


 This annual scholarship is awarded to a candidate who, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrates excellence in small-scale landscape design. On behalf of BCSLA, UBC School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture (SALA) makes a recommendation to the LACF Board with a summary highlighting the qualifications of the individual student. The LACF Board reviews the submission and approves the application.

Timeline and Award Process

UBC SALA submits the nomination to LACF for review and the scholarship is awarded at the end of the academic year. 

Who was Raoul Robillard? 

Butchart Garden / Raoul Robillard

Raoul Robillard had a distinguished career as an early landscape architect in BC. He was a member of the BCSLA and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. 


2018: Lee Patola 
2017: Erin Boa-Brown

List of scholars (1982-2017) prior to the creation of the LACF-BCSLA Partnership


LACF is grateful to the BCSLA who entrusted the management of this endowment fund to LACF in 2018.

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