LACF-FAPC Scholarships in Alberta 

Two regional scholarships exist in Alberta. One is dedicated to the newly accredited program of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) at the University of Calgary and the other, to students graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and intending to pursue further studies in LA.  

University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design, MLA program / image:

University of Calgary / MLA


The endowment fund for a scholarship at University of Calgary was initiated in collaboration with LACF in 2016 and is intended for a deserving student enrolled in the MLA program at University of Calgary.  This program received accreditation in 2018 making it the newest school of landscape architecture in Canada. 


This scholarship endowment fund is not yet fully endowed and fundraising activities are ongoing.  The Award amount has been established at $1,000. 

Award Criteria

School faculty nominates a candidate who exemplifies the objectives of the scholarship to be approved by the LACF Board. The criteria are left purposefully general, trusting that the faculty of the schools know their students and can recognize achievement and potential.

Timeline and Award Process

The school will make a recommendation to LACF for approval with a summary highlighting the qualifications of the individual student during the fall semester. Award is to be presented by the end of the Fall semester. 


  • 2018: Justin Bhatia / Schwabenbauer Scholarship / U of C 
  • Inaugural award of the U of Calgary Scholarship is scheduled for 2019


LACF is grateful to members of the CSLA and MALA communities and to the Schwabenbauer family and friends for their generosity over the years in supporting the establishment and growth of the Schwabenbauer endowment fund.  


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology / image: Study-in-Alberta, Government of Canada 

* Schwabenbauer / NAIT Scholarship


In 2018, with the consent of the Schwabenbauer family, LACF voted to restructure the existing Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship established in 2006 into two distinct and fully endowed scholarships: LACF-FAPC Andre Schwabenbauer / U of Manitoba (interim name) and the LACF-FAPC Andre Schwabenbauer / NAIT Scholarship as described below. 


This $1,000 annual scholarship recognizes a graduating student of the Landscape Architecture Technology Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) who is enrolled in or accepted by an accredited program in landscape architecture in Canada or United States.  *Students are invited to apply.  Guidelines, applications and schedules will be posted when available. 


Inaugural award is scheduled for 2019-20


LACF is grateful to the many supporters of the original Schwabenbauer endowment fund. This newly created scholarship is fully endowed and will encourage students of the Landscape Architecture Technology Program (NAIT) to pursue further studies in the field of Landscape Architecture. 

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