Special Projects


Over the years, LACF has invested funds through the Annual Grants Program towards the production and translation of the CSLA magazine, LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES (LP), Canada’s national professional magazine dedicated to the art and science of landscape architecture. Although the magazine’s last request for LACF funding was in 2009 (CSLA 75th anniversary special edition), LACF seed money was instrumental in helping to establish the magazine. The publication continues to feature the works and voices of landscape architects across the country.

Each year, a summary of LACF activities is presented in the Awards issue of the magazine. Research and communication initiatives supported through the LACF’s Annual Grants Program continue to provide the professional magazine with cutting-edge content, as respected authors explore different realms of the profession. Simultaneously, the broad distribution of LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES magazine provides a highly visible forum for grant recipients to showcase their work.

To view the magazine visit the CSLA website: LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES