Northern Research Bursary Fund 

A proposal to create a Northern Research Bursary Fund to be established under the auspices of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF), has been initiated by the NWTALA. The objective behind creating this endowment fund and research busary is to promote interest in and advancement of research in northern Canada, defined as all regions of Canada north of the 55th parallel.

The Northern Research Bursary will be offered through the Grants program and committee to projects that comply with at least two of the following criteria:

  • Increase the body of knowledge of landscape architecture and related professions as it pertains to the north;
  • Increase the visibility of landscape architects in the north; and
  • Make positive change for the peoples of the north,
  • Support the CSLA position on climate change that encourages its members to lead by enhancing resilience, encouraging positive transformation and promoting sustainability in all projects and activities.

Additional Information for Funding Applicants

Proposals will be considered for research in the north, defined as north of 55 degrees. Major centres north of the 55th parallel include Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Kuujjuaq, Fort Nelson, Churchill, Nain as well as all communities in the three territories).  

In the case of several applicants meeting criteria, preference will be given to projects in the NWT.

All applicants should show that the project will be in conformance with all research requirements of the chosen jurisdiction; for convenience these are the some applicable websites: