Günter A. Schoch Bursary

The Günter A. Schoch Bursary Fund

The Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects established the Günter A. Schoch Bursary Fund under the auspices of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) in 1994. It was done in recognition of the extensive legacy of Günter A. Schoch, and his enduring contribution to the profession in general, and to the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects in particular.

The fund was designated to offer bursaries “for landscape architectural research into the history and status of the profession in Canada, including its organizations and notable practitioners.” The LACF Board of Directors decided to begin the award in December, 1997. The LACF Annual Grants Jury reviews applications for this bursary.

 About Günter A. Schoch

Günter Schoch, MALA, FCSLA, served for 20 years as MALA Treasurer (1978-97) and eight years as MALA’s first Executive Director (1989-97). At the national level he accepted the office of LACF Treasurer in 1992, when he also became Secretary-Treasurer of the College of Fellows. He held these positions for 16 years until 2008.

Gunter Schoch passed away on September 7, 2017. He was 88 years old. 

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