Annual Grants Program - Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines 

In general, applicants are required to provide the following information in their submissions. Applications submitted without satisfying all these requirements will not be considered.

1.  Concise statement of the proposed project, not to exceed 250 words.

2.  A description of the project, not to exceed 5 pages, to include statements of: intent or purpose, methodology, significance of the project, potential usefulness or application of the results, means by which results will be communicated to others, qualifications of proponents to undertake the work and indications of support for the project from communities, users or clients. Include sufficient information to clearly demonstrate how the proposed project meets the evaluation criteria stated below.

3.  A timetable for undertaking and completing the project.

4.  A detailed budget indicating how requested funds will be spent.

5.  Information on other sources of funding already supporting the project or sources from which additional funding will be sought. Particular attention will be given to this point.

6.  A clear statement of the end-product to be produced and how or where publication, presentation or communication of results will be achieved.

7.  A resume of the prime applicant (no more than 5 pages) and project associates and a profile of the team organization, if relevant.

8.  At least one letter of support for the proposed project, preferably from a community group, client or user.

9.  Submissions must be sent in one pdf file and receipt confirmed by the Chair of the Grants programme.

10.   Submissions must be received by the deadline set out in the Grants Information and Procedures. 

Download the complete LACF Grants Policy and Application guidelines 2019



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