Annual Grants Program - General Information

Policy and Procedures

LACF grant proposals related to research, communication and scholarship are received and evaluated based on criteria set forth by the LACF Board. Although funding amounts vary, grants of up to $10,000 are made available to AAPC|CSLA professionals, educators or others seeking to explore an issue or particular interest which meets the ideals of the LACF. Two grants of up to $2,000 each are usually offered to graduate students pursuing their thesis or final project. Applicants may apply for additional funding in subsequent years.


Who May Apply

LACF grant applications will be accepted from landscape architects, students, educators and others. Members of the LACF Board of Directors, the LACF Annual Grants Committee, LACF Annual Grants Jury and their relatives are not eligible for grants.


Funding Focus_LACF Philosophical Framework
Design: Speculate: Postulate: Question: Research: Theorize: Explore

The philosophical framework of the Annual Grant Program subscribes to LACF goals and supports the fundamental ideals expressed through the profession of landscape architecture. Those applying for grants are encouraged to push beyond the boundaries of everyday practice. The Annual Grants Committee and the Annual Grants Jury are open to submissions that explore new design theories, speculate about new landscape interventions, question the current norms of practice and argue for new areas of research and professional development. Proposals which seek to expand the traditional areas of landscape research are also welcome.

Proposed research may be in the form of designs, articles, papers and essays. In all instances the successful proponents are encouraged to widely disseminate their design-research results in the larger public realm as well as within the profession.

The jury recognizes that the sums awarded by the LACF are, at best, “seed monies” to instigate further design-research investigation. Preference will be given to those submissions that look beyond the immediate submission requirements. Members of the profession are encouraged to take this opportunity to push the boundaries of inquiry, take some risks, and to enjoy the beginnings of a longer- term journey!


Communications and Promotion

Recipients are strongly encouraged to publish, present or appropriately communicate the results of their work to CSLA members, the public or other audiences. It is understood that grant recipients must allow LACF to use the end-product for purposes of promotion and visibility of LACF and to distribute results of funded projects upon requests from others. As well, successful applicants must agree to suitably acknowledge LACF as project sponsors.

Download the complete LACF Grants Policy and Application guidelines 2019



For further information regarding grants or to submit your project contact:
Faye Langmaid,
Grants Program chair >